Well, I guess I have worn out my welcome. It has become clear to me that my time here on the Crowd is over. Apparently it has been for a while but I have finally figured it out. I have attempted several times to get an answer from the management of this site as to why I was banned an not one person can tell me. I thank Guru who finally sent me a pm on the subject. It is obvious that Rbedgood will not give me a good reason for my banning and not one single mod disagrees with my banning so I figure they all feel it was warrented. It has been brought to my attention that I am a bit of an "internet bully" And that is not good for the site and people who want to post. I never intended it to be that way. I always felt that when i argued with people it was because they were starting fights not discussions or they were attacking other members. Apparently it has not been perceived that way. At the end of the day the reasons are not important. It has been made clear that the sites management feels this site is better without me as a member so this will be my last post as a member of chiefsCrowd.com Thanks to all the friends I made here and maybe we will catch up at a game someday. If u see me in the parking lot then come on over for a beer. Hope we have a kikc as$ season and GO CHIEFS!!

Your friend