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Thread: Many people belive Bowe will have a Break out season in 2009

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    Default Many People Believe that Dwayne Bowe Will Have a Break Out Season In 2009. The Buzz!

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    I Just noticed that the name Dwayne Bowe is everywhere right now. Alot of high expectations for him this year. A star WR in Kansas City? It doesn't even sound right. I've been a Chiefs fan for so long that I cant believe it until I see it. We've had some good ones and even Bowe has been awsome as of late, but to have a superstar top flight WR with an arrowhead on his helmet.....That would be awsome.! Good luck geeting to the next level Dwayne!
    __________________________________________________ ______ has Bowe in thier Top 10 Fantasy WR's this year:

    Pro Football Weekly has a new Highlight on Dwayne on their home page:

    Chris Carter has Dwayne as his breakout player of 2009:

    The Bleacher Report has Bowe / Cassell as the "next great QB-WR tandem":

    __________________________________________________ ________

    What do you guys think?
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