I wonder?

I have got to be happy with the new powers that be.
We don't have the personal to do what we are trying.It seems everyone is out of position.

I bring it up every time i post about our d-line. How can you invest as often as we do and still have this agony.

Hope i don't sound to negative.

It's going to take time and i'm thinking it's going to be a long year.


Dorsey and McGee quick explosive guys for a true 4-3.

Hali/Study/McBride(is he going to make the squad i think he was a 2nd not long ago)

I am sounding negative.


Tyson Jackson for the $$$$.

I 'll get back to you all soon.

I want it now that's all.

Hope we find something in this mix.

Still believe Hali and Dorsey are the keys to the defense.

No...............DT here eh?

Clancy will stay up late this year without a call from anyone!!

I am so happy tonight.

I started to wonder if DT would ever get it.

Praise God.

Our #58.

Is in.

Did'nt mean to sound so negative.


The reciever are dropping everything at camp.
Haley's pressure is felt.


Did anyone cry with Marty?

i did!!!