Hello Derrick Thomas fans,

As I mentioned in my brief introduction, I donated a 1994 Pro Bowl Football signed by #58 to the Pro Football hall of fame.

In the early 90’s I saw Derrick often at the AFC practices at the Aloha Stadium prior to the Pro Bowl game. He and several other Kansas City players, such as: Andre Rison, Will Shields & Neil Smith, signed all kinds of items for us fans.

But this Football I bought just for Derrick.

For many years I have received nummerous offers to sell the ball, but I did not want to sell it for money. Other autographed paraphanelia I donated to various causes – but this Ball was something special and I did not know what I wanted to do with it.

Then it happened: Derrick was selected as part of class 2009 to the HOF. I soon contacted the curator Mr. Jason Aikens and I got the ball ‘rolling’….

Mr. Aikens was extremely pleased the hear that I wanted to donate this very special ball since they did not have very much from Derrick.

Here the hall of fame article when they first got the ball
Now I am very proud that it will be on display in Canton for thousands of fans to see forever.



This is the original letter from Mr. Aikens:
Jurgen Reinhold:
Thank you for informing us about your Derrick Thomas signed game used Pro Bowl football. From what I have seen in the picture you provided, your football would be a valuable addition to Pro Football Hall of Fame’s collection. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has very few pieces of memorabilia from Derrick Thomas’ career.
Any person who donates memorabilia to the Pro Football Hall of Fame receives a letter of acknowledgment; a gift agreement that transfers ownership of the items to the museum, and an IRS tax receipt which allows the donor to deduct the monetary value of the items from their taxes.
The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization, therefore all the memorabilia in our collection is obtained only through donations. Below is my contact information and address. If you donate your football to the Pro Football Hall of Fame you can mail it to the address below.
I hope this information is of value, and I hope you choose to donate your football where it will remain in our collection along with the rest of the great and treasured mementos of football history.

Jason Aikens
Collections Curator
Pro Football Hall of Fame
2121 George Halas Dr. NW
Canton, OH 44708