My take...yeah, was disappointed we didn't win. I know it's only pre-season, but a win would've been an encouraging boost after last season.

I may be crazy, but I'm still thinking Thigpen looks too good not to give him a shot at starting position. He's quick, avoids sacks, throws decent on the run, not afraid to run, & just seems his heart is really in to the game...winning. He also did an excellent job of keeping his eye on the play & ball when whoever it was he tossed to, dropped it...Thigpen was on it in a hearbeat!

Our front line still doesn't appear to be giving our QB enough protection/time. I know it was raining, but that's barely an excuse in the NFL to be dropping so many balls/catches. And, there were too many tackles missed also.

Granted I was grumpy last night while watching, so maybe it wasn't as bad of a game as I'm thinking? I had no one to watch the game with, my son visited the night before, drank all my no beer with a lousy frozen pizza, and it was storming too bad to go get any, haha.