Prior to sharing my pics, I'd like to share first a bit of a personal story. I've been a Chiefs fan since I was a kid, my dad becoming a fan in '63 when they moved to KC...I was raised with Red & Gold blood, haha.

As with many Chiefs fans, DT became my all time favorite Chief...not only as a result of his obvious talent as an athelete, but for who he was as a human being...his huge heart & compassion towards helping others.

I can honestly state, that although I didn't know DT personally, I felt much love for him as a Chief on field, & for the person he was off field. I never visited DT's modest home in suburban KC, but he visited mine weekly. I knew him, though he didn't know me.

When DT tragically lost his life, at some point amidst my tears, shock, & occurred to me that someday DT would be inducted into the NFL HOF. I considered the thought of DT's future Induction, from that point forward as being his final big play in the NFL. I made myself a promise, that come hell or high water I would be there personally to witness DT's Induction Ceremony. I saw my presence there being my way of honoring and thanking DT for all he gave from his body, heart & soul as a Chief to his team and fans, as well as his contributions to the Kansas City community.

I miss Derrick, and to this day still find myself at times looking for the #58 on the field of play. Derrick is on God's Pro-Bowl team now, and no doubt is smiling down upon Arrowhead each & every game day. :)