Just had to let you all know that we (me, Big Dan and Dell) just got my tix to go see the Donkeys on December 6th. The boys and I will be flying into KC on Sat Dec 5th at 11am and we are staying until the 14th and going to see the Donkeys and the B-lls games. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Sports Complex across from the stadium. Anyone who wants to compe out and drink some beers, just let me know when and where!! I would also like to get a some people together to tailgate. Lemme know if you are interested. I already have a short list of people I will be meeting up with. Shoule be YZILLA, Tammietailgator, Bike, Moeofe, Hermhater, the Beer Guy at the stadium. Its gonna be a kiKC a$S week so get your tickets early!!

We got endzone seats Sec 129 Row 1!! So watch for the big Canadians when the Chiefs storm the endzone all day!!