I didn't see any threads here at Chiefs Crowd related to an NFL Yahoo Pickem Challenge League already existing...so, if any at Chiefs Crowd are interested:

A couple weeks ago I formed a private Yahoo NFL Pickem Challenge League, and y'all are more than welcome to join & play along. The info you'll need to join is at the end of my post. I enjoy playing Pickem Challenge, it's quick, easy & competitive fun.

The only other website's I've participated at in my PC life on a regular basis is a recording artist's fan club website. I write short stories there on occasion, & participate with helping emotionally support some of the kids who are fan club members with serious illness', etc.. Although a controversial artist in the media sometimes, he's not quite the person behind the scenes the media makes him out to be often, haha...he's a good guy, has a big heart...and contributes much time & money to childrens foundations and our Military Soldiers & families...he is Kid Rock, haha. :)

Anyway, for a few years now I've started up a private Yahoo NFL Pickem Challenge League for those at that fan club website who are also NFL fans, as well as for any friends, family, etc.. So please feel free to join in if interested. :)

Info you'll need to join...

1) If you don't already have a free Yahoo account, you'll need to create one.
2) Go to Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Pro Football Pickem
3) Click join existing group, then enter group ID #3163...it's the group ID #, not the name of the group you need to enter. The password is kr09tbt , then choose your 'set name', which is your player user name more or less...I'm RedzoneCJ.

I check the option of having Yahoo send me weekly email reminders to make my picks, because sometimes life get's hectic & I may forget, especially those games on Holidays & Thursday nights. I've seen people come from behind if they miss a week picking, but it's best not to of course. I've set the league up to where you have 5 minutes before each games kick off time to pick.

For some reason this year I'm having trouble getting people to play compared to previous years, so we do need players to make it fun, competively speaking. Hope some of you will join me and play along. :)