Defense against the run, looked solid. AP was a good test for us, and we held our ground.

3 sacks? That's something new.

COREY MAYS is a monster. Zach Thomas better get healthy before Corey Mays keeps doing good and takes his job.

Tyson Jackson did a nice job. He is only a rookie, and looks on the same page as every one else.

Cassel looked better, and showed some good pocket presence.

Jackie Battle did a good job as a RB, and on special teams.


Our secondary is doing awful. This is the second straight week we are getting passed on left and right. If we cant straighten our secondary out, we will struggle this season.

Our offensive line play was horrendous. Aside from Albert, and a few good blocks from B-Rich, we didn't hold our ground. We are just lucky JA and Pat Williams weren't playing.

2nd and 1, and we fail to get in the endzone off of three attempts. We need to practice that situation more.

Overall, our defense looked great, aside from the secondary. Our offense did a nice job, aside from blocking. Bowe and Cassel definetley have a rhythm, and Corey Mays was the MVP. Succop is going to be a nice kicker, something we haven't had in a while. Belcher is a diamond in the rough, and looks to be a special teams beast.