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Thread: Roster Cuts

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    Default Roster Cuts

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    Does anyone know when the roster cuts are coming. I know the first one has to be soon (this Monday maybe). If you have the dates for the other cuts, that would be much appreciated as well.

    Im looking at the roster, and I am not sure who is going to get cut. Unfortunately, not because we have a lot of depth, but because after the starters, I cannot tell who is worse. That is especially so with spots like the OL and WRs. I think we only keep 6 WRs and that is ONLY if one of them is a KR or PR.

    Right now, this is what I see, come start of season:

    WR - D.Boye, A. Toomer, A. Lelie or
    LT - B. Albert, H. Taylor
    LG - B. Waters, Wade Smith or Colin Brown
    C - Niswanger, Ghiaciuc
    RG - Goff, Alleman
    RT - D. Mac/Ndukwe
    TE - Sean Ryan, Cottam
    WR - Darling, Bradley, Engram
    QB - Cassel, Croyle, Thigpen
    RB - LJ, Battle, J. Charles
    FB - Mike Cox

    LE - TJ, Boone
    NT - Edwards, Tank
    RE - Dorsey, Magee
    LOLB - Vrabel, Studebaker??
    LILB - DJ, Beisel
    RILB - Zach Thomas/Corey Mays, D. Williams
    ROLB - Tamba Hali, McBride
    LCB - B. Flowers, Leggett, D. Washington
    RCB - Carr, Colclough
    SS - Pollard, Brown
    FS - Page, McGraw

    K - Succop
    P - Colquitt
    LS - Gafford

    That is 53 exactly. But, I dont know who of that bunch could return kicks other than Jamaal Charles.

    Im not sure if those 5 WRs are the ones we keep. They are the biggest names, but Im not sure if they are living up to the job.

    The ones with ? next to them, are because Im not sure they will make the final cut. If we see someone good on the waiver wire, they may be the ones to see the door to make room.

    Yes, I put Z. Thomas on the ? list, only because I do not think he has made it all the way through one practice. If I was the coach, and he hadnt made it through one full contact practice, I dont know why I would keep him around, "leader" or not. In the military they teach us that you cannot lead from the rear, you have to lead from the front (or lead by example). Same thing in football, you cant be the leader of the defense if you aren't ever on the field. Its tough to lead by example when you are constantly riding the exercise bike.

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    So I guess this means Charles is likely going to be the return guy this year?

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