This would be an excellent move. Its probably the reason the Chiefs are moving Thigpen up the depth chart as well, to make him look more appealing to other teams before they try and move him to raise the asking price (sort of what people are speculating the Broncos are doing with Marshal)

Considering what we've seen this offseason if we were able to recoup a mid round pick for the pick we sacrificed for Alleman and Ndukwe we'd basically have gotten them for pennies on the dollar. The 2010 draft class is chalk full of talent so I'd have no problem dealing Thigpen for a mid round pick.

I like Thigpen as much as the next guy but as a QB there are better options avalible then a wildcat slash scrambler to lead this team to some wins. Its within the best interest of both teams and Thigpen if he were to get traded to Jacksonville to secure his future then to possibly be cut from our team.