Lots of people are ready to trade Thigpen for a 4th round pick, so I thought it would be interesting to see how many of our 4th rounds picks have turned out to be decent. I would much rather get a starting offensive lineman than a 4th round pick.

Chiefs former 4th round picks:
2009: Donald Washington
2008: Will Franklin
2005: Craphonso Thorpe
2004: Samie Parker, Jared Allen
2003: Brett Williams
2002: Omar Easy
2001: Monty Beisel, George Layne
2000: Frank Moreau
1999: Larry Parker
1998: Greg Favors
1997: Pat Barnes
1996: Donnie Edwards
1995: Steve Stenstrom
1994: Bracey Walker
1993: Jaime Fields
1992: Mike Evans
1990: Fred Jones

Out of those 19 picks, only 2 turned out to be good long-term players(Edwards and Allen). If they trade Thigpen, I would much prefer it to be for a starting offensive lineman.