Wow- just... wow...

Barry Richardson should be cut at the first opportunity.

Not sure how our first guy to earn an arrowhead was a DB- because they couldn't cover a nursing home flag football team, from what I've seen the past two weeks.

Our defense looks confused most of the time, though I will admit, there have been some bright spots (Belcher, Mays). I probably missed this in another thread, but where's Zach Thomas? We turned in 2 sacks and a pick, and there were some good crunchy hits- but 400+ yards? The cushion their receivers were allowed to have was ridiculous.

Tyler just shrank his trade stock, that's for sure. He looked like a 3rd string buffoon out there. He just seemed to be fearing for his life the moment he took each snap, whether there was pressure or not.

I will say, I was impressed with the receivers, and Mr. Charles ran with some authority. 1 for 9 on 3rd downs isn't going to get it done, though.

This was absolutely pathetic. Hopefully the pre-season is nothing like the season, because this doesn't look much better than last year.