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Thread: Matt Gutierrez

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    Default Matt Gutierrez

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    I know he is playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers, but I like this kid. He does not seem to get as rattled at Thigpen, stays in the pocket and has a good arm. Has the size to be a NFL QB as well.
    I wish we would of taken the 5th round pick from Jax, I would be fine with Croyle and Gutierrez backing up Cassel. Odds are we are looking at only 4-6 wins anyway.

    Thigpen, while fun to watch last year, and one of the only bright spots, needs to learn alot more and learn how to play QB in the NFL. I think he winds up getting cut on the last cutdown.

    Just my 2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by doobs_05 View Post
    we need to worry about OL before we worry about QB
    This is true but the way we go through QB`S we will need 5 or 6.
    i can remember what a chief super bowl team looks like! ......

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