Ok I have read on this site and many others many chiefs fans bring up the idea of tradeing Larry Johson. I myself have at times said that I think that it might be best off for the chiefs if they got rid of L.J. Now that being said I have been seeing diffrent things from him lately. I know that on the field his preformace has not been outstanding. That can in at least part be put on the O line but off the field I think that there has been some good signs.

1st from what has been said publicly about him he has come in with a just shut up and work attitude. This is what I like to see in a football player. As long as he has this attitude going i think that any football team would benifit have Larry Johson on there football team. Theres no doubt that Larry can be a good running back if not a great one. As long as he is keeping his mouth shut and working there is not much of a downside haveing him on a team. Now the question is how long will he keep it up for. Has he realy changed or is this just a short lived thing. Time will tell

2nd the weight issue. Larry came in slimmer to the offseason. To me this shows something. Yes he is a pro football player and it should not be a big deal that he is in shape. But in the past we have seen Larry basicly quit on a team if he was not happy. It at least shows that he is giveing the new managment a chance to show that they can turn this into a good football team. So the question is should we as fans give him anther chance? I cant say that I am all in favor of this,however i can not say i blame him for a lot of what happend in the last few years. I was never a real big fan of Herm Edwards and I belive he was alot of the problems that pleged the chiefs. This could get frustrating to anyone.

Larry Johson is a NFL RB i dont have any question about that. The question is this. Is he worth the headace that he can be at times. I say that it depends on the team around him. Given the right team that he can have sucess with I say yes he is. Hes had a few good years and even last year if you count that he did not play every game he had decent numbers with a team that realy had struggles running the football. So to the idea of tradeing L.J while i am not toatly opposed to the idea I have warmed up to the guy based on what has been said this offseason. Time will tell if he has realy changed or if this is just the honeymoon period with the new coaching staff and new Gm. Afterall He is getting paid alot of money to play for the chiefs and would probley not be paid as much as he is getting now to go somewere eles. But I think that with what has been seen out of him tradeing him might not be the answer. It may still end up being a happy marrige between Larry Johson and the chiefs. I for one hope that the case seeing hes still on the rostor. This might just be a make or break year for him. Time will tell. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!