After seeing this team and the new coaching staff for 4 games this preseason this is how I See this season going.
1 at Baltimore Loss The ravens D is to good and will probley have little trouble getting through the current chiefs o line it will be a low score battle but the Ravens d is probley a little better then the Chiefs at this point.

Week 2 home opener Oakland WIN The Radiers are a mess plain and simple they are probley in worse shape then the chiefs at this point. Plus they are known for makeing the mistakes that coast you the game and haveing a ton of penalties.

Week 3 At eagles Loss The Eagles has a MUCH better offense then the chiefs and will probley be able to get more points then the Chiefs. Add to that the Eagles have a decent Pass rush and Again the Chiefs o line this could be a tough one to watch.

Week 4 New York Giants. Loss. The Giants d is one of the best in the league. This will probley be anther low scoreing game as i dont have to much faith in the Giants recivers. This game will be won by the better D on that d right now i have a little more faith in the Giants d then the chiefs.

Week 5 Cowboys WIN. I had to find one team that should beat the Chiefs that the Chiefs can steal a win against this was the most likely. The Cowboys are not as good as some think. This will be a close one that the Chiefs can steal in the end.

Week 6 at Redskins. Loss Anther D game. The redskins got Hansworth that will help there D alot. This is anther one the Chiefs could possibly steal at the end but the redskins being at home gives them the Home field advantage and the reason i chose the cowboys as the game to steal.

Week 7 Chargers Loss The chargers are going to have a good year they have a solid D and Rivers is a good if not becomeing great qb. The chargers are the better team and they should be able to win at arrowhead one more year.

Week 8 bye NO LOSS YAY

Week 9 At Jags Win The Jags D is not as good as it once was and there offense is not much better as the chiefs. This is one the Chiefs can get away with a win givin that they will have 2 weeks to get ready this is one i think the chiefs can win

week 10 At Radiers WIN See week 2 plus you give the chiefs more time in Haileys system they should be playing better

Week 11 steelers Loss Anther good D and they have a pretty good offense this could be the worst game of the season for the chiefs.

Week 12 at Chargers loss See week 7 and give the Chargers the home field. This one might be closer then the first but the Chargers should win at the end.

Week 13 Broncos WIN the Broncos are beging to rebuild under a new head coach. I think the Chiefs are futher along in the rebuilding and should be able to beat Denver at home. Probley your typical chiefs broncos close game.

Week 14 Bills WIN the Bill are not a better team then last year. Besides T.O they realy were not that active in free agency. T.O. might be a nightmare by then and thats good news for the Chiefs.

Week 15 Browns WIN The Browns are probley close to the Chiefs at the talent level they might have a QB battle going on all season and that could be a good thing for the chiefs. They might be elemated from playoffs by this time and have nothing to play for.

Week 16 At bengals. Loss this was a tough one to decide. This is anther team that is close to the Chiefs as far as talent goes. Giveing the bengals this one for the home field. could go either way

Week 17 at Broncos Loss this one is simply becuse the chiefs dont win in denver that often and there not head and shoulders above the broncos. I see the season spilt that we are all so use to.

so i see a possible 8-8 season after looking at the scedule. I would take that and be happy. Hope for more wins as in 16 but this is how i can see the season going. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!