Printers seemed like the best QB out there although it was against scrubs

Chiefs got robbed on the two point decision although it was called by the Dolphins to avoid overtime.

Dolphins secondary was ineffective except for lehan most of the night.

Huard was unsuccesful against the dolphins first team D although they were without the regular starters. this should be a concern.

Neither team made much of an attempt to go downfield.
Clearly both teams were working short drops because of shaky O lines needing to gel.

Chiefs first team run D should be in the corner wearing a dunce cap.

Either the Chiefs special teams are really good or the dolphins cant block anyone on returns.

Dolphins punter was outkicking his protection allowing good returns.

I would like to see printers play against 1st team just to see.....

Not sure why dolphins speedy first rounder was not returning kicks?

Looking for some gameplanning for both teams in week three. Maybe some script for the first quarter.

Both teams have some glaring holes at this point. I think that LJ returning and some solidification on the O line will help the chiefs cause. The D line needs to step up

I think when the real pass rushers suit up for the dolphins, that will take some heat off the secondary and they will return for another top 5 defensive showing.
The O probably will struggle for several weeks.