I found this while at the operation sports forums reading some Madden stuff and thought everyone might be interested. It sounds like we have a pro bowler in the making at corner.

Top 50 CBs in the NFL - Operation Sports Forums

9. Brandon Flowers, Kansas City Chiefs
Season Totals: 66 attempts, 4.83 YPA, 34.85 Forced INC%, 0 TDs, 2 INTs

My two cents: Meet the best CB from the 2008 draft class. Brandon Flowers had a ridiculously good rookie season. His 4.83 YPA is especially impressive when you consider that the Chiefs had the worst pass rush in the NFL. Flowers is the perfect example of how overrated speed is at the CB position. Sure itís nice to be able to turn and run, but technique will always be the thing that separates good CBs from average CBs. A 4.55 40 yard-dash time means he is probably slower than almost every WR he has to cover. You might be looking at a top five CB if Flowers can continue to get better.