I don’t like Vick’s contract but I think this could be a good trade for both teams. Neither Cassel or Quinn are the answer at the QB position. Crennel said he wanted to change the dynamic at the QB position… if he’s serious, he needs to put Stanzi at the position or make a trade for someone outside the organization.

Mike Vick is still a top 10 QB. I don’t see an elite franchise QB coming out of the next draft. This franchise needs to start thinking about next season. The Chiefs will have to run the table the rest of the season to get a road playoff game… that ain’t happening. Who’s going to be your QB next season? If the Chiefs can turn Bowe into a QB this team can depend on for the next few seasons, I think it’s a good trade.

In order to pull the trade off, the Chiefs need to get salary help from the Eagles and they’ll probably need a 3rd team to give the Eagles something they want… like a draft pick or two with Bowe going to said third team. You have to think the Colts would be interested along with a few other teams with playoff aspirations.

For all those who think this is a really bad idea, please provide arguments that don’t include the words "dog fighting." I already covered the salary issue as well. I realize Vick looks horrible this year, but I don’t think it’s a fall off in talent that is the problem. Nor do I think it’s a mental thing. I think he’s in a bad spot in Philly and on a bad team with a horrible O-line. The converse is true in Kansas City… the team looks REALLY bad not because they lack talent but because they have the worst player in the league at the most important position on the field. Give this team just an average QB and they’re better than a .500 team.