I made a case for Matt Cassel coming here when we signed him. I do think that there was some unwarranted hate for the man before he had a chance to prove himself. I acknowledge his time here has been anything but easy. I think he seems like a good guy with a good work ethic and I’m sorry things didn’t turn out better on both ends of this deal. I hope he makes a full, speedy recovery and lives a long, happy life. That being said, I do not want to see him under center again in a Chiefs uniform.

After watching him play for the last few seasons, I really don’t think Matt Cassel should have been on the field to get injured in the first place. His lackluster performance and turnovers aside, the guy has always looked like a deer in the headlights with pass rushers coming down on him. He just doesn’t seem quite athletic enough to evade or absorb hits over a prolonged career in the NFL. I haven’t been able to help but think that he was going to eventually get killed out there over the last couple of years. I vividly remember when Trent Green tried to take-off for a run in the twilight of his career against the Bengals when he got knocked out. It was horrible and I get that same feeling in my gut that I’m about to see something terrible each time Cassel is about to take a hit.

Speaking of that hit on Green, I also remember watching Damon Huard get us into the playoffs just to get benched in favor of Green so we could watch that train wreck. While Trent Green did a lot for the Chiefs in his time at QB and I agreed with him getting a shot, Damon Huard at least earned a chance that he never got when it was obvious that Green just wasn’t what he had been before. This is just another example of this organization’s LOOOOOONG history of playing politics rather than football at quarterback.

A prolonged lack of quality on the field has led to disappointment from the fans that has now grown into hostility. We have a divided fan base and an organization that’s all at odds with each other– a perfect storm that culminated into what we saw and heard on Sunday.

I’m not sure those people who cheered when Cassel went down did so because someone got hurt. While I’m not making excuses for the atrocious behavior of a few drunken hecklers I did hear in the audio, I think maybe most who cheered did so because that was the ONLY possible way that we were ever going to get someone else an opportunity under center. Maybe they were cheering for the thinnest ray of hope as there was NO WAY our gutless head coach and GM would have EVER benched the 66 million dollar man. Will Brady Quinn be our savior? Probably not but Chiefs fans have been drowning in a sea of misery for so long that some will see even the thinnest of threads as a lifeline to drag them up from the abyss.

Besides, anybody who has watched this team for the last 20 years and still hasn’t become numbed to the point of hardly giving a damn has to be at least marginally insane. So Matt Cassel got hurt and some insane people cheered… It should have been left at that.

Instead, the same Chris Berman that shared a chuckle with Tom Jackson about Robert Griffin III sustaining a concussion Sunday scolds Chiefs fans on Monday night while fabricating a lie on national TV by saying Matt Cassel was "carted off" the field. I distinctly remember these jackwagons showing highlights of players getting leveled by devastating hits while screaming "HE GOT JACKED UP!" a few years back. It’s hard to miss the irony here.

Mike Ditka, who made a career out of crushing people on the football field and regularly complains about the wussification of modern football, slammed chiefs fans for being drunken barbarians. Eric Winston, the player who’s comments sparked this firestorm, spoke on radio shows a few months ago about how the players should have held out longer for a better CBA because the current one handed too much authoritarian power to Goodell as comissioner. Winston made these statements in response to the heavy-handed punishments and suspensions levied against the Saints by the league for paying bounties to defensive players for injuring opposing team members and knocking them out of games. Howver, in today’s news world, facts evidently don’t matter when you’ve got a story on your hands…

Apparently, ESPN has now joined the ranks of FOX, CNN, and MSNBC as completely-spun BS propaganda outlets that serve an agenda. The fact that there is no actual, factual television news reporting left in America– not even in sports– is absolutely and undeniably pathetic.

Now, people are all worked-up over an exaggerated story about how inhumane it is to cheer a concussion to a football player. I’d wager most of these people support spreading more "democracy" across the world with bombs and bullets as if hundreds of thousands of deaths aren’t enough already. The hypocrisy train rolls on…

So Chiefs fans will be subsequently crucified, torched, and tossed under the bus. Analysts across the country are drooling all over themselves at an opportunity to make KC look like a bunch of redneck barbarians (their disdain for the Chiefs has been obvious through the years).

Meanwhile, nobody is talking about how these guys are 1-4, leading the league in giveaways, and have not had a lead even once during regulation in any game this season.

Nobody is talking about how the Chiefs were the only team to find the end zone in Sunday’s game (twice) but the scores were nullified by garbage refs that are no better than the scabs that replaced them while they were striking for more money to throw games on crap calls (this is far from the first time I thought a chunk of the owners in the league may still have an axe to grind from the AFL days). For the record, the Falcons ran that same pick play on us a dozen times or more in week 1 and I watched the Patriots doing the same thing to the Broncos just this past Sunday. Flacco’s fumble can go right up there with the "simultaneous possession" fiasco between the Packers and Seahawks a few weeks ago in the BS category.

…but we’re not talking about football. We’re talking about how "horrible" and "classless" the fans are in KC…

The front office, coaches, and players are probably welcoming the distraction as the people that made all of these dudes rich take the heat. Chiefs fans keep paying for gold and getting dung in return. At a time where these guys SHOULD be taking flak from the fans, they have been turned into martyrs and the fans that have carried them on their backs for so long are now put on the defensive as their integrity is assaulted as a whole. Eric Winston was right about one thing, this whole mess is sickening and stinks to high heaven. It’s sad that after 20 years, I doubt I’d give half a damn if Clark Hunt moved this "team" to LA tomorrow…

I really don’t think I can stomach watching this franchise ruin Jamaal Charles’ career/life by expecting him to run the ball 500 times this season. This guy is a special talent and it will be unforgivable to burn him out in one (losing) season.

I still want to give Romeo a hug. He seems like a really great, nice person. He just doesn’t seem to be a very good coach. Running Jamaal Charles into the ground and risking his health/career to isolate your QB from mistakes/criticism is about as poor as game planning gets. Hire a true head coach or defensive coordinator. We have the defensive version of Todd Haley one year after letting him go…

Brian Daboll sucks. We passed on Al Saunders for this guy?! Really?! <facepalm> His offenses couldn’t score in Cleveland and Miami and his offense can’t score here in KC. Who DIDN’T see this coming?

Scott f’in Pioli is the most overrated trash that has EVER been pawned-off on this franchise. You could combine Todd Blacklidge, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, and Matt Cassel and still not be even in the same ballpark of BS hype masking the utter incompetence of this current GM. I really didn’t think there was any way in hell it would be possible to do worse than Carl Peterson. I was wrong.

I’ve been through bad times and the not-so-bad times but now is an all-time low to be a Chiefs fan.