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By Chiefs4life24

To start things off it appears Mark Sanchez only has a slight lead over Trevor Siemian and that Paxton Lynch in no way is threatening for the starting job, he has struggled from what I’ve read and heard.

Catch Rule might have just been made worse

NFL to refs on catches: ‘When in doubt, make it incomplete’

Originally posted on The Comeback | By Andrew Coppens | Last updated 7/18/16

The NFL has tried to clarify what constitutes a catch. Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images
No rule in the NFL has come under more scrutiny in recent years than the ruling of exactly Read more…

By Josh Alper

We’re past the deadline for teams to sign franchise-tagged players to multi-year contracts and two of the players who were tagged this year landed new deals on Friday. Broncos linebacker Von Miller signed a six-year, $114.5 million deal that features $70 million in guarantees, which is a record for a non-quarterback. Ravens kicker Justin Tucker…
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By ctchiefsfan

Somewhere today I read a prediction that this season Alex would have just over 4,000 yards passing and just over 400 yards rushing. For a total of about 4,450 total yards. Last year his yards were 3,486 passing, 498 rushing, 3,984 total. So the prediction was for an increase in total yards of about 10% or about 29 yards per game (based on Alex playing all 16 games).

Everybody knows I like Alex and think he is much better than he gets credit for, but my first reaction was…”Alex Smith…almost 4,500 total yards in a season? NO Read more…