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By doobs_05

Another year another WYTS, I enjoy these and get a good chuckle but love them when people think the guy is being serious. Here are the articles, have a good laugh, get upset, I don’t care




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By matthewschiefs

Roster is now down to 75

One of the old WR core in Hemingway. Not surprised at all

Chiefs Make Four Roster Moves, Now Set at 75 Players

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With Tuesday’s deadline, the Chiefs are now at 75 players

CHIEFS ROSTER DOWN TO NFL MANDATED 75 KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Tuesday that the club has made four roster moves in order to meet the NFL’s mandated 75-player roster. The league’s final roster cutdown to Read more…

By ctchiefsfan

I think we have heard that mantra around here a bit…

So let’s talk about RG III…

The scumskins paid 4 picks for the right to draft RG III as #2 overall. They paid the #6 overall and #39 overall in 2012 plus the # 22 overall in 2013 plus the # 2 overall in 2014. Read that right please…two top 7 picks, a # 22 pick plus a # 39 pick. 3 first round picks plus a high second round pick. (source is Wiki, so not guaranteed. )

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By Zac Jackson

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce went down in Monday’s practice with what looked to be a leg or ankle injury, giving the team a scare. Before Tuesday’s practice, though, Chiefs coach Andy Reid told reporters that Kelce just suffered a sprained ankle, not the dreaded high ankle sprain, and would be ready to play this…
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By Chiefs4life24

Reid said the 2’s will more than likely start the game.

OH MY GOD their are people on my twitter saying the Chiefs should make a move for RG3 Read more…

By Chiefs4life24

The Kansas City Chiefs might have a very serious injury on their hands. On Monday, tight end Travis Kelce was forced to leave practice with an injured leg. He was able to leave under his own power, but did not return, according to Adam Teicher of ESPN.
The Chiefs have also announced that there will be an update on Tuesday, indicating that this is a serious problem. At the very least, Kelce is undergoing tests, otherwise they would be squashing concern immediately.
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By Stevie Ray

A friend of mine runs a fantasy football league each year that consist of guys that we talk baseball (sports in general) with on a Royals board (and also a couple guys from another Chiefs board that we frequent). He have an opening, maybe even 3 openings, if anybody here would like to join.

The live draft is this Wednesday at 6:30pm.
It’s a 12 team, high scoring, PPR league.
The guys are pretty competitive and fun.

Let me know if you would like to join, or just send an email to for an invite.
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