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By ctchiefsfan

I’m no “football guru” but I’ve been a Chiefs fan for a long time so I have some things I want to say after our 4th straight win.

#1) Yeah…it was the Chargers and they pretty much suck this year. But we beat the crap out of them and we did it in their house. In short we beat a division rival on the road and we didn’t just squeak out a win, we just BRUTALIZED them 33-3. In short, we did what we should have done. That is new and different for the Chiefs. Anybody Read more…

By Bike

….form 1-5 to 5-5, in no specific order:

1. The return of Jeff Allen and Sean Smith.
2. Fisher back at LT.
3. Berry to FS.
4. And I’ll get some heat for this one – The injury to Charles.
Allow me my reasoning for that last one. JC WAS our offense, for many years now. With him out, our offense has seemingly opened things up, giving other players more chances to contribute. Without having to play to JC, or play around him, Reid has been enabled to open up the playbook. Defenses have to key on other players besides JC, Read more…

By Frankenchief

They didn’t show the game here so I had to follow the frustratingly slow tracker. So I am putting these questions to those of you who had the chance to watch with analytical eyes:

1- How did Fisher and the rest of the O-line look? I see we gave up 3 sacks, who gave them up? Was Alex holding the ball too long on any of them?

2- Aside from the big catch and run was Charcandrick any good? His stats aren’t very impressive.

3- Who called that late game timeout? Why?

4- Did Sherman play? I always wonder why he gets Read more…

By Seek

I still don’t think he will be an elite LT as some originally claimed, but I have been very impressed with Fisher since he was moved back to LT. That could change a the year goes on but Let it be said, I am pleasantly sufficient with his performance the last four weeks at LT. He stepped up when we needed it most and performed.

While it is not all Fisher they have not lost since he moved back to LT. It also may help that Grubb Jeff Allen and Jah Reid have been solid also. While he Read more…

By Michael David Smith

Is there anything better in sports than a fat guy scoring a touchdown? There are so many speedy receivers, powerful running backs and skillful quarterbacks who get most of the attention in the NFL, but there’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing one of those 300-plus pound linemen getting into the end zone. Those are the…
Read more…

By matthewschiefs

First I’ll be the first to apologize to the Kansas City Chiefs football team. I was one of many that wrote them off when they were 1-5. They have gotten back in the run for it and proved that was way premature. They are still alive for the AFC west. Denver has the pats and Cincy left to play that’s very well 2 losses. That leaves them 1 more loss for the Chiefs to catch up assuming the Chiefs keep winning. There’s a lot of football left. The Chiefs can still win the west.

A big tip of the Read more…