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By Eydugstr

From SI news
Peyton Manning wants to return to the Denver Broncos, according to a report from Woody Paige of The Denver Post.
Manning won’t decide on a return until after undergoing a physical examination, the report says.
According to three trustworthy sources, Manning wants to return to the Broncos, but won’t and can’t make a final decision until he takes an annual physical examination mandated by his contract. Last year, the test results were learned at the beginning of March. The Broncos have requested that Manning let them know his plans by March 9 — the Read more…

By Chiefs4life24

Well well well cheater cheater You know its a damn shame they can’t make an example out of the Pats and reverse the championship game that’s the way it should be. Taking draft pics is not enough in my opinion. Reverse games, suspend coaches, same for players, I have always like what the NCAA does if its a big enough infraction you’re removed from bowl games for 1 year, no reason why they couldn’t implement something to the same affect in the NFL. Read more…

By Darin Gantt

Well, now we know what made the Chiefs take an offseason flier on Terrelle Pryor. The team announced via its official website that quarterback Tyler Bray suffered a torn ACL, which sparked the Pryor move. Bray will have surgery soon to repair the damage, which should keep him from being ready for the start of…
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By Mike Wilkening

The following is the updated 2015 Pro Bowl roster. Players originally named to the team who are not playing have been crossed out. Replacements are italicized. We’ll update the roster as more additions and deletions are announced: Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Patriots; Andrew Luck, Colts; Peyton Manning, Broncos; Aaron Rodgers, Packers; Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers; Tony Romo,…
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By Chiefs4life24

As much as want them to take DGB in the 1st, if Trae Waynes falls they need to pull the trigger he is on of the best corners I’ve seen in a long time, very fluid in his movements he is tall and instinctive. They need to draft 2 corners Sean Smith, Phillip Gaines and draft two. Thus this is my Corner list I think would fit great with this team.

Trae Waynes Michigan State
Marcus Peters Washington
Jalen Collins LSU
Doran Grant Ohio State
Charles Gaines Louisville
Ronald Darby Florida State
Josh Shaw USC

WR keep Albert Wilson, DaRick Rogers, DAT and cut the rest of Read more…