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By brdempsey69

Since nobody has started the official draft day thread, as of yet, I’ll do it here.

Post your responses to the draft as it transpires here.

With 10 picks, this is a great opportunity for Dorsey/Reid to bring a stable of good football players to the Chiefs team. Let’s get it done.

Go over here to follow the draft live if you wish:…eventpage-live
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By CabbageHATCHkid

Had a dream last night I was checking Twitter and saw that the Chiefs drafted Phillip Dorset in the first. ???? I am not a huge fan of this pick lol but it is what it is. The name of our second round pick is no one I have ever heard of so Ill assume he doesn’t exist. Lol. But here’s to hoping this particular dream of mine does not come true. Read more…

By brdempsey69

Just saw a report by Peter King that “the Chiefs love DeVante Parker”. It’s not out of the realm that if he falls far enough that the Chiefs trade up to take him. He fits Andy Reid’s Offense perfectly. It may depend on what Minnesota does at #11, assuming Parker is still on the board. If the Vikes pass on Parker & the Chiefs can move up for a reasonable cost — say to #12 in a trade with Cleveland –, then I don’t believe anybody could rightfully complain.

Of course, the best case scenario is to have Parker fall right Read more…

By CabbageHATCHkid

Bears are entertaining trade offers for him. Not sure what the price tag would be or how much money he would demand. But it seems like vets going for Cheap these days on the trade market. Depending on the price tag he would require to resign him I would let with a a day three pick. Our comp 3rd at the most.

Could be a dynamic te duo with kelce. And would fill another hole Read more…

By Chiefs4life24

Police are requesting to speak with LSU offensive tackle La’el Collins after the shooting death of a pregnant woman last week, who is believed to be his former girlfriend, according to Baton Rouge police Lt. Jonny Dunnam. Collins is not considered a suspect, but police want to see if he can add any information to the case for background.

Collins’ attorney, Jim Boren, told police he is currently in Chicago preparing for the NFL Draft on Thursday, but he has been in contact with the lead detective on the case. Boren said he retained the services of a private investigative firm Read more…

By CabbageHATCHkid

IThe last few mocks I have seen have had Wayne’s falling to us with peters being taken in the 10-13 range. I’m not at all mad, but they also have Gregory falling to the mid 20s. With the uncertainty surrounding Houston what’s everyone’s thoughts on snagging another passrusher. It’s the most important position in the league outside of the QB. Read more…