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By dfwarwick

I’m a lifelong Chiefs fan from a land far away and am planning my first ever visit to KC for the Chiefs/Seahawks game November 16th.

I need your best advice for someones first time at Arrowhead. Need advice on where to go, your best way/experience to tailgate (any organized groups that host?), and any other tips.

Other advice for general visiting in KC would be great too.

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By matthewschiefs

The Chiefs have taken a TON of heat from fans for letting Bradon Carr and Brandon Flowers go.

Carr in the last couple of years hasn’t done all that much and last year with him as there number 1 cb they were one of the worst defenses in NFL history

FLowers is currently getting burned by Derek Carr and the Faiders

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By Mike Florio

Former NFL running back Larry Johnson, who has faced more than his fair share of off-field allegations over the years, claims that the latest allegations against him aren’t true. “The charge for which I was arrested is false,” Johnson said in a statement released by his lawyer, Jordan B. Abramowitz. “The stories that have been…
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By jap1

After sleeping on the performance yesterday, Ive come to the conclusion that I have some real concerns about our team. I will also put the caveat that I didnt watch the game, but just monitored it on gamecast.

Yes, other than the coaching, I think we generally played well. Enough to say that I think the team that the players on the field are good enough to compete for a playoff spot.

However, I dont think we are good enough to win a playoff game right now, or even to say we are a lock for the playoffs. I have some strong Read more…