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By NickheadKCAU

im watching ‘trojan war’, and the saga of usc and reggie bush.

and it got me thinking…

(obviously the severity and type of offense would factor in, but…)

lets take bush as an example…

if a player is ‘proven’ to have broken rules designed by the ncaa, even after them being signed to a team, there should be a fine, suspension, or ban.

so bushs family received almost 300 grand in favors.

was stripped of his heisman trophy.

did he suffer any after entering the nfl? (honest question, i assume not though)

maybe if the two entities (nfl, ncaa) were in lockstep, then players would think twice about Read more…

By Darin Gantt

The Chiefs can’t fill Doug Pederson’s spot with one guy. So they promoted two. The team announced that Brad Childress and Matt Nagy would serve as co-offensive coordinators. “We went through our process of finding an offensive coordinator and determined having coach Childress and coach Nagy serve as co-coordinators would benefit our football team the…
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By Josh Alper

The Chiefs were able to reel off an 11-game winning streak before their season came to an end in New England last weekend, a feat that few would have predicted was within their reach when running back Jamaal Charles was lost for the season after tearing his ACL five weeks into the season. If there…
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By poplarbluffman

only watched 4/5 KC games last year..from St Louis but wanted to doa quick 4 rd draft
1.Josh Doctson
2. Sterling Shepherd slot wr ..IMO actually the best wr in draft falls because of size
both Doctson and Shepherd are both very smart and will be instant starters unlike most college wr’s who take a couple years to develop
3. best qb available IMO best qb draft since 1983..Dak Prescott, Coker, Doughty and Allen all mhave great upside
4.John Theus/Joe Haeg LT/RT Read more…

By poplarbluffman

live in st Louis so had to follow the rams(loyalty to St Louis) and I am glad they are finally gone…claiming KC my new team and hope to travel to camp to catch some practices. I used to write daily camp reports for the fans

also love your coach and team..been following the draft for 25 years and the chiefs have drafted many of my favorite players over the last 4/5 years also started a draft site called for those interested

just wanted to say hi. Read more…

By Chiefs4life24

Andy Reid and Chiefs staff will coach the Pro Bowl
By Joel Thorman ? @JoelThorman on Jan 20, 2016, 1:15p 44

The Kansas City Chiefs will have more than just their five Pro Bowl players in Hawaii this year.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy have been tabbed as the two head coaches for the 2016 Pro Bowl in Hawaii this year. Both teams lost in the Divisional round of the playoffs last weekend so they’re out.

The Pro Bowl is doing another one of those fantasy-style drafts this year so Reid won’t be Read more…