By Mongo

Apparently the Eagles are shopping Evan Mathis, age 33, for an R3 pick. Apparently he wants to get paid more than $5M he’s due. He’s been very good the last few years. He has ties to Reid. Our LG is a bust.

Would you consider the trade, assuming the cap could be managed?

I say no. Not at age 33. Not sure I’d even sign him as a FA.

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid joins Mike Florio to reflect on the 2013 season, discuss how the team looks for the upcoming season and what a young Chiefs took away from their playoff loss to the Colts a year ago.
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By kcvet

not looking to good so far

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is expected to undergo surgery following the return of oral cancer. His wife, Jill, says the cancer is aggressive and starting to spread.
The 54-year-old former Buffalo Bills star is being treated in New York City. His wife posted Tuesday on her Instagram account that Kelly’s surgery is “tentatively scheduled for Thursday.”
On Wednesday, however, a report from TV station WHEC in Rochester, N.Y., said surgery has been pushed back to next week.

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By Darin Gantt

The NFL’s owners meetings have wrapped up, but we’ve still got plenty to talk about. So on Wednesday’s PFT Live, we’ll delve into it with some of the league’s top coaches, updating their offseason and sharing their views on changes the league has made this week. Our Mike Florio will kick things off with Denver coach…
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By Michael David Smith

After going first overall in last year’s NFL draft, Eric Fisher was generally viewed as a disappointment in Kansas City. But Chiefs coach Andy Reid has big plans for Fisher’s future. Reid said at the league meeting that he expects Fisher to be the Chiefs’ starting left tackle, the position the Chiefs were envisioning he…
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By Darin Gantt

If the NFL wants to legislate away an actual problem, maybe they can train their sights on ridiculous hyperbole next year. Raiders coach Dennis Allen would be the first man punished, after declaring Tuesday morning that new quarterback Matt Schaub was comparable to the other quarterbacks in his division. “We have a quarterback now that’s…
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By TopekaRoy

Just as predicted.


“Right now I’m going to move him to the left side,” Reid said, according to Van Bibber. “That’s where he played in college. Although Donald Stephenson played there for me, I know that he can do that too. But I think I’ll start off with Eric at the left and keep Donald at the right. ”

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