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By ctchiefsfan

Time to talk about that 10,000 pound beast sitting over there in the corner…..How good are our Chiefs this year??

So 4 games in we are 2-2.

We should have POUNDED the Titans. They suck.

If we had caught a break we’d have beaten the donkeys in donkeyland.

We whupped up on the fish and the splats. Combined score for those 2 games….75-29.

All in all, I think we are about where most of us expected to be at this point. Maybe the optimists amongst us expected 3-1…..the pessimists 1-3. But I think most of us pretty Read more…

By Josh Alper

Wide receiver Donnie Avery has started two of the first four games for the Chiefs this season, but they’ll have to look elsewhere for the next few weeks. Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star reports that Avery is headed to Philadelphia to have sports hernia surgery. It’s not clear exactly how much time Avery…
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By Mike Florio

A storyline that should be getting far more hype as Week Five approaches (and I’ll do my best to hype it up right now) will unfold in San Frantaclara, where the 49ers will host the Chiefs. It marks the first reunion between the 49ers and the first overall pick in the 2005 draft, quarterback Alex…
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By Frankenchief

I’m a lifetime fan of the Chiefs. But I’m also a big soccer fan and a former player. As such I’m a lifetime fan of Arsenal FC. These two teams of mine are basically having the same season. Multiple injuries to key players. Frustratingly slow start to the season, etc.

I just watched live my Arsenal Gunners duplicate my Chiefs Monday night performance in a UEFA match. :yahoo: It is really spooky.

I know it’s useless information, but I had to say it someplace!

Now back to your current program….. Read more…

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