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I know I “might” be going a tad overboard, but I think we might have all of the puzzles to complete the big picture. If you look @ our O & our D we our pretty loaded on both sides (tad weak @ WR & the secondary) This team reminds me a lot of the 1990 Chiefs.

We have a better team then we did in 1990. Granted we had Albert Lewis, Kevin Ross & Kevin Porter in the backfield. Let’s play conservative ball (Alex’s best strength) & move the ball. Let our defense keep us in the game. Nail-Biting Read more…

By ctchiefsfan

I’m sure we’re all glad that Houston will be in a Chiefs uniform for probably the rest of his career. I also suspect we all have some concerns about how HUGE his contract is. If we can believe the media, his contract is 6 years, $101 million, $52 million guaranteed. So an average of about $16.834 million per year. That’s a HUGE potful of money. NO DOUBT.

But I’m not at all sure it’s as much as it seems. As Demps mentioned in another thread…..

“The Chiefs cap situation is amazing for this contract, and here Read more…

By Darin Gantt

For all the talk, we have our first deal of the day. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Chiefs have beaten the deadline with a deal for linebacker Justin Houston, a reported six-year, $101 million deal with $52.5 million guaranteed, details which PFT has confirmed as well. This is where we put in our standard…
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By Stevie Ray

You want to know why the Royals have built an organization that is a ‘legitimate’ contender to win championships?
Well, it’s because they have a regime that not only understands the most essential elements to success, but also acts upon it.

It’s pitching/defense:

1. A starting rotation that logs innings.
2. A bullpen that shuts the door in late innings and shortens the game.
3. An athletic defense that catches the ball and saves runs.

This is the aspect of the game where the Royals can’t afford to be content with mediocrity. Of course there is no blueprint to a championship, and nothing is ever guaranteed, Read more…

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