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By brdempsey69

For those that never got to see the full game that the Chiefs won against the Vikings 23-7, on January 11, 1970, well here is your chance. Somebody was kind enough to upload the entire broadcast (game, commercials, and half-time show) to YouTube. It’s broken into two parts — the 1st half and the 2nd half. The video’s are in black & white (sorry, but I can’t do anything about that), and the audio is kind of hissy. But it is certainly better than nothing.

The 1st half can be viewed here:

The 2nd half can be viewed here:

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By Darin Gantt

The Jets are just as patriotic as anybody else, I’m sure. But it’s easier to wave the red, white and blue when it comes with a healthy dose of green. According to Christopher Baxter and Jonathan Salant of, the New Jersey Army National Guard and the Department of Defense paid the Jets a total of…
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By CabbageHATCHkid

Has stated once his name is cleared he will be looking for a competetive team with a young offense that he can play tackle on.

I hope this isn’t me being a chief homer but I have to think Kansas City is on his radar. We have a stud defense with a very well rounded offense only lacking in the position he would play for us. I would be bery excited if we could land him. Also I have to think Big Red will play a part in this ordeal. If Collins takes a visit to KC I think Reid Read more…

By Mike Florio

When it comes to employment disputes involving individuals teams, the NFL traditionally stacks the deck in its favor, forcing disgruntled employees to agree to arbitration — with the Commissioner of the league presiding. Last week, the Missouri Supreme Court delivered what could become a fatal blow to the league’s obsession with allowing a non-lawyer to…
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By jason1981

Kansas*City*Chiefs: A





AFC West draft grades

Scott Pioli has rebuilt the*Chiefs*by deftly selecting productive, hard-working players in every stage of the draft. This year, Pioli appeared to deviate from the philosophy when he selected*Dontari Poe*in the first round, despite questions about his productivity at Memphis. However, it’s impossible to find 346-pound defenders with this combination of size, strength and athleticism, so it’s a worthwhile gamble with the unique upside.Jeff Allen,*Donald Stephenson*and*Devon Wylie*are classic “hard hat and lunch pail” guys with the potential to fill key roles as rookies.*Cyrus Gray*and*DeQuan Menzie*are promising Day Read more…

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