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I did not get a new GM or Coach, but i did get a CHIEFS toothbrush, CHIEFS yoyo, CHIEFS locomotive glass ornament, CHIEFS snowman glass ornament, CHIEFS coleman trailgating chair, CHIEFS sign "CHIEFS fans only others not welcome" and a CHIEFS Mr Potato Head, right now has his frowny face on!!!

anyonne else get some cool CHIEFS stuff that you can show off NEXT year???

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He has done a great job filling in as there coach this year. Would anyone else want to look at him as Romeo’s replacement? I think he would be worth a look myself. We will most likly have a rookie QB next year and he has done a good job with there rookie. I think it would be a good move to give him a look.

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Was llistening to the radio today during the game and Mitch had a few interesting stats to share.

Chiefs have NEVER gone winless against the AFC. If we don’t win next week that will be a new one.

Dustin colquitt is tied with an nfl record for most punts inside the 20 for a season. He will break the record next week I am sure..

Chiefs haven’t had 2 100 yard rushers since 91′

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Ok what if Marty did stop by kc over a month ago and is interested in being our gm now hes feeling around as to who he wants to be the head coach. Cowher i believe every fans dream coach started in kc. But what if cowher and Marty get along? Could you imagine those two minds working together to bring our chiefs kingdom to knew heights. I mean I can’t see us doubting any move those two make. If not i like the idea of shannahans son coming in as head coach but i love my what ifs so time for someone to mention drafting taoe and someone hating on Vick and geno smith and this thread is complete :)

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Don’t know if i’ve seen anyone here talk about " Chiefs just need a good game manager at qb" crap i keep seeing and reading on other sites. Iam so tired of hearing that pure BS.

What they need is a qb that can take over a game when needed and make the throws on time and in the right spot.

They need one that can throw for 300 when needed , averaging bout 225 to 250 would be great. Not some one who goes 15 of 24 for a buck fifty , none to one td , one pick type stats game in and game out. We got that , we’ve had that. Doesn’t work.

Next one who sez that needs this –:beat_DeadHorse:

sorry for the rant folks. Just really ticks me off when i hear it.

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Has anyone done any research on any other qbs other than the top 5 or 6 ?

Was just wondering if there are any out there that w/ a legit shot at stater in 2013 or a season on the bench( don’t believe the chiefs will be very good next year) that someone thinks might be good in the not to distant future.

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what about D koetter from Atlanta for HC or Oc ? their offense is very effective although they do struggle at times against physical defenses. Does anyone think we could possibly get him ?

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