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Marty needs to return to arrowhead with open arms if this happens. (Reunited and it feels so good)

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I think it would personally benefit us if we picked up a qb in free agency even if we draft a qb in the first round. I’m just throwing around names but I was thinking we pick up sanchez or vick. I know they prolly wouldn’t be the answer but its at least intelligent to have a veteran help guide our drafted qb incase hes not game ready. Even tho it won’t prevent a bust, it sure raises our chances of developing a true franchise qb. I do not believe the qb’s we have now would in no way benefit a rookie qb because they themselves haven’t learned how to win. I would even like it if the chiefs could pull a trade for phillip rivers seeing as how the chargers are heading into a rebuilding faze themselves, although I know that would be highly unlikley.

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Rumors suggest marv levi could be on the chopping block. I kinda like him as a possible replacement. He has always produced a competitive team together even in their worst seasons. Does anyone else think this could be a good fit for us?

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I will be the first to admit that I was WAY wrong about this years Chiefs team. And when I say WAY WAY wrong I am probably still underestimating it. After the preseason game against Arizona I thought this team could be a Super Bowl contender. Now they are the odds on favorite to receive the #1 pick in the draft.

I felt strongly that last year’s 7-9 team that missed the playoffs because of a blocked FG would be much better this year. A 7-9 team that featured 3 different QB’s including Tyler Palko. A team that lost its defensive spark plug safety, Eric Berry. A team that would be getting back Jamaal Charles and finally have a legit NT would be MUCH better.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. I freely admit I made a major oversight. So what changed, what oversight did I make?

In my opinion, I overestimated the importance of a good coaching staff. We have the same players, in my opinion, an even stronger roster. Yet last weekend we didn’t score a single point against the worst defense in the National Football League.

This train wreck of a team falls squarely at Romeo Crennel’s feet. He and his coaching staff are what changed.

You can blame Pioli for firing Todd Haley, although most were OK with his release. You can blame Pioli for the hiring of Romeo Crennel, though most people on this board wanted Crennel hired.

Fact of the matter is that looking in the rear view mirror neither decision worked out. But this team has a great collection of talent. And that is also partly the work of Pioli. Pioli took a flyer on Cassel after his strong season in New England. I can go back and find plenty of threads and posts that convey the excitement a chiefs fans shared when that trade went down. In fact half the league was crying foul because teams felt the Chiefs didn’t give up enough in the trade. Remember that!?!? I do.

The trade didn’t work out in the long run. Pioli has swung and missed multiple times but at least he takes a swing. We needed a RT, he signed the best free agent tackle in the market in Eric Winston. We needed a legit nose tackle. We now have one in Dontari Poe. I could go on, but he has brought in some quality players.

I was wrong about this team because I was wrong about Romeo Crennel. I now know he is not a head coach. And my guess is that Scott Pioli knows that as well. If Crennel is allowed to stay another season, then I think Scott should be fired alongside Romeo. But I can’t imagine that Scott doesn’t make a change if he’s allowed to stay for one more season.

IF we get the right coach and an above average QB, then this team will be right back in the thick of things in the AFC West in my opinion.

But what the hell do I know, I thought this 2012 team would be a contender.

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I was thinking about this. If they draft Lotulelei or Jones from Georgia they could change from the 3-4 easy , could even still use it at times.
With Lotulelei they could possibly have very solid standard 4-3 line. w/ him and Powe they would plug and push the middle W/ DJ behind them to clean up , using Poe at end w/ Hali and Houston on the outside gives options on blitzes.
Jones would make them really versatile , something like the old blitzburgh style w/ the end and backer swapping on some plays.
What does the Crowd think about these possible moves for the defense ? I know it does nothing for the offense but at least in my mind we could at least be in games instead of being down by 17 or more all the time.

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I have no idea, geez, seriously we need to see something from this team, we have been incredibly bad for 8 years now and I do not see anything getting any better.

I was pessimistic when we started this season even when others were saying we would win the division. Crennel has never shown the ability to lead this team and when he chose his assistant staff, it was pathetic.

I hope Clark and or Pioli have something up there sleeves after this season. I am pessimistic that Pioli will be gone but we will see.

I think after this season, unless Hunt is ready to lay out some serious money, we are going to be a cellar dweller again next year, and I am not talking about free agents either. I think we have talent on this team, we need some spots, but I really think coaching is the biggest issue we have with a close second being QB.

We have about three more weeks before we see where this team will be next year.

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