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this is turning into a joke. what is clark thinking. at first midway through the season pioli was assumed to be getting an extension. then clark after firing crennell is supposedly evaluating the whole football operations side of the team. and we all asumed pioli was on his way out(wishfull thinking). now espn reports andy reid did his interview with MULTIPLE people involved including pioli. i just dont see any good coming out of playing pioli like a puppet. like or dislike pioli’s moves this is all starting to make clark look like an incompetant idiot.

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:fishing: Since Koetter is out , Reid and Holgrem as possibles and NOBODY wanting Ferentz(i’m among the hell no’s to him) , any others peak your interests ?

College , OC’s , DC’s , current or retreads ?

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Just confirmed andy will interview in kc today then fly to arizona to interview there

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With the first overall pick, the Chiefs select….. Jarvis Jones, beast of the LB out of Georgia.

Trade our 2nd rd pick to Washington for Kirk Cousins.

I know we need a QB, and drafting Geno or any other QB this year with the first overall pick would be a big mistake. If we offered our #34 overall, that’s more than anyone else other than the Jags #33, without giving up a 1st rd pick for him (which I think is too high). Since the Redskins gave up 3 draft picks for RGIII, they should be looking to stock-up on a few picks, and our 2nd should be more than enough.

I say next year I think the Chiefs should go back to running a 4-3. We have been doing this 3-4 stuff for a few years, and our defense has always at the bottom of the league. We could drop Tamba down to DE, and have Houston, Johnson, (Jarvis Jones) as our 3 LB’s. We’d still need a DT to accompany Poe.

I know it’s way too early to do a real mock draft, but I’ve been a Chiefs fan all my life (26) and I’m tired of seeing losing season after losing season, and always saying "There’s always next year".

Any thoughts?! :chiefs:

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Saw earlier today on the scroll on nflnetwork that the Chiefs were looking at Ferentz for HC. Ian R??(cant spell last name) reported it. Think he’s going off the pioli/ferentz tie.

That would be the worst possible move Hunt could take.
Any one else see it? Saw it around 3 , 3:30 pm.

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I know we have talked about him but the announcer doin his interview after the game asked him point blank about the Chiefs and he avoided answering the question. Anyone heard anything.

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