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I finally got around to making a facebook page. Please take the time to "Like" our page if you haven’t already done so.

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I am looking for someone that would like to handle press requests for This would include radio spots, tv spots, and interviews. Most of the requests come from the local KC media. There aren’t typically more than 1 per month.

The ideal person for this position is someone who has the following:

  • Very knowledgeable about the Chiefs and their fan base
  • Comfortable talking on the radio or to a TV reporter
  • Lives in the KC area
  • Has Media Ambitions

This is a non-paying position. Please send me a PM if you have interest. This will not require much time, but could lead to great opportunities if done well. Just ask Brandon Spano.

Thank you for your interest!

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Jason La Canfora analize the situation on many teams .. among them .. KC Chiefs.. what’re your toughts?Kansas City Chiefs: It’s all gone horribly wrong there, there are no signs of life and I cannot imagine a way that Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel are back next season. Owner Clark Hunt looks for hands-on people, as he is not around the team on a daily basis (which could lead to a GM like Bill Polian being the next man there). This team thought it had playoff potential and now it’s jostling for the first overall pick. The fan revolt is palpable there, forcing changes.

Possible replacement: The Chiefs need to start over with a new quarterback and I can’t help but wonder if Mike Sherman, who has worked closely with them and who has won at this level, gets a chance there. This hasn’t been a big-paying job and I have a hard time projecting “A-list” guys there.…re-on-the-line

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That picture was from a link via the thread about Scott Pioli kicking someone out for having “Fire Scott Pioli” signs or handing out flyers…To me it says volumes.

First off…Gotta say it…IMHO the whole blackout/wear black chiefs stuff thing is really pointless. Same goes for flying airplane banners. Understand it’s their money & their perogative, but to me trying to convince Clark Hunt or Pioli how much you despise them while paying for $27 parking, and buying $8 beer or hot dogs is just not an effective message.

But the empty seats at today’s game, and all the lost revenue surrounding them…That message is the one that will hit home with Clark’s accountants. There’s no way someone will look at those empty chairs and not do anything.

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Matt Cassel and the Kansas City Chiefs were floundering again Sunday. At a certain point, the next chapter in a troubled marriage became inevitable.
Coach Romeo Crennel brought out the hook early in the third quarter, benching Cassel with the Chiefs facing a 15-point deficit against the Cincinnati Bengals. It was the end of Cassel’s day — and quite possibly his Chiefs career.

Cassel went 8-of-16 passing for 93 yards over seven Chiefs possessions before he was pulled in favor of Brady Quinn. Cassel’s replacement didn’t fare much better in the 28-6 loss, but that might not matter at this point. Crennel already showed his hand last month. Had Quinn not suffered a concussion back in Week 8, Cassel already would’ve been out of the equation.

Barring another Quinn injury, Cassel is unlikely to sniff the field again.

One of general manager Scott Pioli’s first orders of business upon joining the Chiefs was to bring Cassel over from the New England Patriots. Pioli got an up-close and personal look at how well Cassel performed after replacing an injured Tom Brady in 2008. The Patriots went 11-5 without their MVP, and Pioli saw Cassel as the type of player who could bring similar success to the Chiefs.
It hasn’t worked out that way. Cassel was efficient in one run to the playoffs with the Chiefs in 2010. But on balance, the Chiefs’ attack has been flat with Cassel at the reins. The team has gone 19-28 in Cassel starts.

Cassel deserves to lose his job. You can say the same thing about the man who brought him to Arrowhead.


im not a hater but like many on here I think its time for him to go IMO

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“Please do not give my compliments to the Chefs,” say Kansas City fans. “Take your business elsewhere,” replies Scott Pioli.Any sign calling for the firing of the Chiefs general manager is being confiscated, or the fan risks being kicked out of the stadium for the day. A representative of “Save Our Chiefs” was temporarily detained by Arrowhead Stadium security and was told to stop passing out fliers or he would have to leave. There was a well-coordinated “blackout” by fans in protest of the Chiefs’ awful performance this season and it would have looked great if the stands were at least 50% full.

Maybe we can assume that the stands are so empty because there are just that many people that want to express their feelings about Pioli and maybe there’s just not much to see today with the 1-8 Chiefs hosting the 4-5 Bengals. What we know for sure is that the fans feel that their first amendment rights have been violated (they likely haven’t) and that the Chiefs have not exercised their right to bear an arm at quarterback in a very long time.


should we vote??? or protest and off we go in the paddy wagon

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Straight up embarrassment we don’t even compete and when we do compete we make mistakes high school football teams make. The end of the season can’t come fast enough….then the season will be over things will happen and I’m gonna get all excited again….such is the life of a Kansas City fan and mizzou fan.

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