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Hey everybody!
Im not sure if anyone remembers the awesome quarterback from the Chief’s called Warren Moon. Anyways he was down in Toronto for the Grey Cup and I happened to spot this video of him on Youtube with Melissa DiMarco. She’s funny! Check it out!

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What if Ricky Stanzi is the answer for the Chiefs going into 2013? This article isn’t suppose to be a case FOR Ricky Stanzi. However, there are some things that are worth noting when it comes to the young QB. I know this sounds a little off the wall, but if you think about it, there isn’t an absolute dead on answer for this organization at the QB position. There isn’t an Andruw Luck or RGIII in this draft worth taking #1 overall. If you’re not interested in Mike Vick, there aren’t any FA options out there either (Joe Flacco won’t make it to FA). If the current coaching staff stays in place, you could make a case for Matt Moore from Miami, but even he is a stretch.

Throughout the offseason, all we could talk about was the battle between Quinn and Stanzi for the #2 spot. If you’re Crennel and Pioli heading into the season, you’re probably going to put someone with more experience behind Cassel to keep you in contention if something goes wrong with Cassel. So, they obviously go with Quinn, even though most reports had Stanzi as the winner coming out of the preseason.
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from the KC StarBowe has been ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Raiders in Oakland and is reportedly finished for the season. That being the case, he may have played his last game for the Chiefs. Bowe was playing this season on the one-year contract he signed last summer after being selected the team’s franchise player.Whether Bowe ever plays for the Chiefs again is an issue that will be settled after the season. For now, they’ll have to play against the Raiders without him.Read more here: Chiefs’ Bowe has broken ribs and is likely to be done for season –

who steps up here and does it matter with 3 games left???

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Cam Cameron has been fired and his team is 9 and 4 sitting atop the division yet Brian daboll is still the OC for arguably the worst offense in the league.

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I want the meanest, nastiest, most in your face coach out there. Someone who will make Haley look like sweet gentle grandmother. Someone who will make Lambardi look like a cream puff.

One thing we’ve learned this year is our players have ZERO self motivation. They’ve taken the year off under RC. To get anything out of them they need someone in their face 24/7.

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So the question that I have is whether our WRs other than Bowe are incapable of getting open, or are our QBs incapable of looking for someone other than Bowe.

When Bowe is out of the game or double teamed, the QBs dont seem to find anyone open. What is the deal?

I am guessing a little of both.

Sorry, title should read chicken OR the egg …

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7 Receptions for 74 yards in the entire 2012 season.

Contract: 5 yr(s) / $22,550,000
Signing Bonus:$5,000,000
End Year: 2015
Free Agent: 2016 / Unrestricted
Base Bonus Cap
2012: 2,050,000 2,500,000 4,550,000
2013: 3,800,000 1,200,000 5,000,000
2014: 3,000,000 2,200,000 5,200,000
2015: 4,100,000 2,200,000 6,300,000

Anyone know what the story is with this guy?

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