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I know a lot of people think I will except nothing less than Geno. Here is another guy that I would love the Chiefs to consider if they don’t take a QB first round.

Check out the throw at the 3-minute mark. Very impressive. Also at 4:45. Guy has a live arm and is very accurate on the run.

This guy would definitely need some talent around him, but his ceiling is much higher than that of Cassel or Quinn.

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So the last superbowls are Tom Brady-3, Big Ben-2, Eli-2, Drew Brees 1, Aaron rogers-1, Peyton-1.

So lets take a look at the qb dafts since 2002 and only the top 3.

2002 2003
David Carr-1 Carson Palmer-1
Joey Harrington-3 Byron Leftwich-7
Patrick Ramsey-32 Kyle Boeller-19

2004 2005
Eli Manning-1 Alex Smith-1
Phillip Rivers-4 Aaron Rodgers-24
Big Ben-11 Jason Campbell-25
Matt Schuab (rnd 3)

2006 2007
Vince Young-3 Jamarcus Russel-1
Matt Leinart-10 Brady Quinn-22
Jay Cutler-11 Kevin Kolb-Rnd 2

2008 2009
Matt Ryan-3 Matt Stafford-1
J Flacco-18 Mark Sanchez-5
Brian Brohm-25 Josh Freeman-17

2010 2011
Sam Bradford-1 Cam Newton-1
Tim Tebow-25 Jake Locker-8
Jimmy Clausen-Rnd 2 B Gabbert-10

The 2011 draft had a lot of qbs we took Stanzi and passed on Daulton, Kaepernick, Ryan Mallett. Then we have the 2012 draft

Andrew Luck-1
R Tannehill-8
Brandon Weeden
Russel Wilson
Brock Osweiler
Kirk Cousisn
Nick Foles

Looking at the list its more important for the front office to know when there is talent available. 2011 and 2012 we could have pulled the trigger and didn’t. But yeah lets just grab the highest rated qb because he’s the highest rated qb. I don’t know what the stats are but looking at the list its pretty freaking low to have success.

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Just to beat a dead horse some more.Last month, Crennel fired himself as defensive coordinator because he wanted to spend more time and attention on the offense. The Chiefs were averaging 357.5 yards and 16.6 points then. They’re averaging 270.3 yards and 10.3 points since.
Read more here: Chiefs’ level of incompetence reaches new heights – KansasCity.comI also heard on the radio today that the Defense since Gibbs has taken over has improved since Crennel handed it over.The guy took a promising team this year and ran into into the ground. He is old schooled Football and the came has passed him by.His excuse for keeping Breaston on the side line is that he thought the guys he played gave them a better chance to win. Wow, just think how bad Breaston must be.

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Who will be our next head coach? GM? Who do we take #1? It sucks to suck, you guys. But I am looking forward to seeing how much house gets cleaned and who we can bring in to get us to playoff/divisional championship levels again! My glass is half full I know but hell, whining about it is getting me nowhere. GO CHIEFS

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To my recollection there are two maybe three members that knew this season was gonna be a joke. MMO, now MMH, Dbolan, and 2010 Chiefs.

Ryfo and everyone else thought that the success Brian Daboll had in the final games of 2011, the success with Reggie Bush and Peyton Hillis, was gonna crossover to success in KC. Almost all on this board thought that Cassel with an OC and a stable HC was gonna have success. We all thought the D was gonna be a top 10 D and maybe a top 5 D. Granted the offense hasn’t helped but lets face it the D has been crushed a couple of games. So now we sit with the number one pick in the NFL draft.

Without a doubt thisi is not the year to have the number one pick. To all you Geno lovers i just ask you to watch the texas game, and his actions throughout. The Kstate Game, the Texas tech game. Texas tech is not a defensive juggernaut they never have been. The weakness of the big 12 this year should speak volumes.

But whatever i have been a member of this board since 2007 and will continue to be a member but to not allow people to form opinions is weak.

My Man Hali you got jumped all over and were correct. But the people that you think are so outstanding thought these chiefs would have success. You sir were correct and above all else should know that one’s feelings are just that, yours happened to be correct but you never know someone else’s even though they differ from yours may be correct also. So all this freaking digging and ascinine comments poking fun because you dont agree is so bloody childish. I don’t like Geno Smith no one is gonna change my mind about just you like you guys can’t see that Te’o is more than just an inside line backer. Some people just have it there is no explanation for it they just do.

So three 7’s, ryfo, bdempsey go ahead call me an idioit laugh at me all you want. I don’t give a flying mother effin eff. Im a first generation american that’s busted his *** to be successful and can take it.

Say NO TO GENO!!!!

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Have we hit the bottom? I can’t remember a team this pathetic ever, so I hope we are at the bottom of the barrel. Maybe, when this tran wreck is over, we can only go up. Because you can’t go any further down. That game against the Raiders (who are pathetic in their own right) was an awful mess!

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If you got to see this dismal display today fill me in. Did they quit or did they need to be in it at the start for that ? gamecast and the stats say they did not even show up . . AGAIN. What horrible bunch of puke we fans were fed this year.

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