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Let me introduce you to a great head coach in waiting:

Kyle Shanahan, Age 32

The son of NFL head coach Mike Shanahan and currently the offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins. He is the person responsible for RGIII’s development and the brainchild behind the Redskin’s offensive system that takes full advantage of their QB’s skill-set.

Before being the OC for Washington, Kyle was the OC for the Houston Texans and Matt Shaub where, in 2009 his offense ranked 4th in the league. The Redskins currently rank 7th overall and his rookie QB currently enjoys a 93.1 QBR… good for 8th in the league.

Although his age would lead one to believe he lacks experience, he boasts 9+ seasons of NFL coaching experience with the past 3 being stellar work as an OC.

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“The Redskins’ offense has been the talk of the 2012 NFL season. Robert Griffin III has been outstanding, but the design of the Redskins’ scheme has been terrific, as well. Kyle Shanahan is getting a lot of praise around the NFL for quickly developing RG3 and designing a creative offense to fit his skills.”

AFC executive: “Kyle is extremely smart and he’s excellent with quarterbacks. He has all of his dad’s qualities and he’s going to be a great head coach.”

If the Chiefs are going to restart again, why not do it with one of the great young talents in the NFL? Create some stability with a young head coach who isn’t too old to grow with the game and perhaps help innovate as the league progresses with the next generation.

There is little doubt that there will be calls for the old fallbacks of Gruden, Cowher, Schottenheimer, etc. but the NFL is quickly becoming an offense-first, QB driven league with rule after rule aimed at doing everything they can to help the offense. The average points per game are on the rise and a young offensive mind who can develop a top 3 overall pick at QB and design a system around him is the way to go when looking for the next Head Coach for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Imagine long-term stability at the head coaching position from a man who can not only anticipate change, but be part of the offensive innovation driving the league. Perhaps Ray Horton would be a nice name to pair as the Defensive Coordinator if Romeo Crennel does not stay in the fold.

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I have two tickets to the Chiefs vs bengals game this weekend that I am giving away. Please send me a PM if you are interested. My only requirement is that the winner of these tickets is NOT allowed to wear black!

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Everyone is sick of saying, "Next season…". Clark, if you read this board…you’re a joke. People spend their hard earned money, something you know nothing about, to watch this garbage and you couldn’t give a sh#t! I’ve been there since 92 and I am sick to my stomach. I am in the entertainment industry and if i put on a show with comedians that performed like Cassel and ‘Princess Bowe’, I’d be out of business. I work my butt off to put out a quality product because I know people work hard for their money and because of pride. I thank as many people as possible and listen to all their comments, good and bad. I take into consideration what they say when planning the next show, and they see it. If your dad was alive, he’d be ashamed of you. Advise, wake the f#ck up!!! Go Chiefs!

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While I don’t believe that Matt Cassell is as good as touted it is clear to me that he has the most heart of anyone on the team. And probably want’s to win more as well. I saw him scramble for a first down, not slide, and jump up fired up! I don’t see any player or coach doing that. He is constantly under pressure every single snap due to what I believe is the real problem our offensive line. The defense rocks! Crennel is a great guy but not a head coach. I’m on the fence with Pioli. We will really see how devoted Hunt is to turning this thing around if he goes after a big name coach. That and focusing on the O line could make this team competitive overnight….with Matt Cassell.

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