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When west coast teams are forced to start at what is to them a 10am start time this is a big advantage to the home team that the west coast team has had to travel to. I was very surprised to see the start time for this weeks against the raiders was not a 10am start. When the Bolts went to KC in week four the start time was 10am, now when the Bolts go to Cleveland this week thier game starts at 10am who chooses the start time? Is it the league or the networks? it is certainly not the hosting teams desiscion to start at the absurd time of 4pm. Any one have an answer to this? I hate the raiders and am pissed to see them get this minor boon in the start time.

Crush the raiders!

Peyton Hillis has been practicing and is expected to play this week. Hopefully it will take some of the load off of JC.

Also, Dorsey has been practicing, but they arent sure if he will play.

Looks like they are flying two banner planes this week along with a flyer of Piolis bad stats they want handed out and now have sports nutz selling shirts for their blackout Arrowhead game.

Personally I don’t participate in their message but I understand the frustration, I just think its all a wasted effort. Come the "blackout" game I have a feeling this movement will be shown how much support they really have and I don’t expect the Sea of Red to change colors. I could very well be wrong but I’ll believe it when I see it.

The whole thing comes off as a bunch of keyboard warriors on the web. I don’t believe that the fan base can sway managements decisions, yet when something happens they think they played a role in it.

I just saw this video posted by FB Group Tecmo Super Bowl

Its a NFL Film prsenting TECMO SUPER BOWL

And I quote Christian’s words "When I Played .. I was fearless .. I tried to play the game the way I tought it supossed to be played"

Man we need some kinda of mentality like that over today’s Chiefs!

BTW here’s the TOP List from Players of that Game and the link to watch the video. Today on ESPN2 will be air this film.…cmo-Super-Bowl

1. Bo Jackson – easy call
2. QB Eagles (Randall Cunningham) – ultimate weapon
3. Christian Okoye – still looks like he could run guys over
4. Jerry Rice – the 49ers are so good, they are rarely used in today’s tournaments
5. Barry Sanders – gets the nod over Thurman Thomas

1. Lawrence Taylor – the Bo Jackson equivalent on D
2. Derrick Thomas – still lives on for Tecmo fans
3. David Fulcher – he was good in real life, game makes him great
4. Leslie O.Neal (sic) – not as highly touted as others, but I always liked using him
5. Wayne Haddix – like Packers NT Bob Nelson, one of the games great mistakes

Raiders @ Chiefs….:meow:……….:punk:…….both teams are horrible but you always want to beat a division rival.