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First i would like to say i have been a chiefs fan for 42 years,i watched the chiefs win the superbowl 69/70 season. i feel like i have good pluse of this team from year to year, what i have noticed this year is matt cassel has played like there is a better qb on the team, i think the whole team knows it, brady quinn was better comming in then matt cassel, and the pressure has got to matt, he has played like a qb insecure about his job, you can see it in his body language. the team will play better knowing they have a qb that can make the throws, i think matt has brought this whole team down, brady quinn is a better qb and we will see it, matt is done here in kc, it would suprise me if he plays again for the chiefs, and i hope he don’t.

Yeah i said it!! I remember when it happened and thought it was a bad idea then and still do to this day. He had a solid foundation being built and just about everyone on here was whining and calling for his head. years removed whats your opinion now?

I hate the 3-4 defense, we’ve been drafting for the 3-4 for how many years now? And still cant get it right!

Imo he drafted better than haley and was a better coach and motivator.

He was another year away from this team doing special things. He was left with Nothing thanks to crybaby vermeil.

Blast away people but you got what you asked for with this change and this team!

Matt Cassel formally ruled out; Brady Quinn to start for Chiefs – Arrowhead Pride

It’s official: Matt Cassel is out for Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Romeo Crennel made the announcement at his Thursday press conference. Brady Quinn will get his first start in nearly three years in Week 6.

This was basically a formality at this point. Cassel didn’t practice on Wednesday due to the concussion suffered on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens and the Chiefs said they were going to be cautious with Cassel, which was an indication he wouldn’t play. And he won’t.

This means that the Brady Quinn era is officially here. The Chiefs play the Bucs on Sunday then have a bye the week after that so for at least one week this will be Quinn’s team.

This is a huge opportunity for him. We’re not sure how the Chiefs are feeling about Cassel’s situation in the long term but it seems reasonable that Quinn could hang onto the starting job beyond Week 6 if he plays well.

You ready for the Quinn era?

The defense had a really bad first couple of games but has markedly improved. Tamba Hali and Justin Houston are providing a good combo for getting pressure. Stanford Routt needs to improve some more but the secondary has played better the last few games (getting Flowers back helped). The defense has really done well the last few games, especially considering our offense leads the league in turnovers.

Special teams has been solid. Succop has proved he can be called-on and everybody knows how great a punter Colquitt is. Coverage has been good as well (Terrence Copper comes to mind with his performance this week).

WE HAVE A RUNNING GAME. A really, really good running game. Jamaal Charles is awesome. We NEED to be able to fully capitalize on his ability (and take some of the workload off him) by using play-action. It is a disservice to Charles, his teammates, the organization, and the fans to abuse him the way we are. Not being able to utilize the threat of Jamaal Charles’ rushing ability in the passing game is like using a Swiss Army knife only as a screwdriver: It can wear out quickly and can be a much more invaluable and versatile tool when used properly. As good as he is now, imagine if Jamaal Charles had the threat of a passing game to keep the defense honest!

While I’ve seen a lot of tipped balls for interceptions this year, I’ve also seen phenomenal catches from Bowe, Baldwin, Mccluster, and Moeaki in the time they’ve been with the team.

I’m not going to rant in this thread about QB. I’m trying to keep this about the good stuff we have. However, I really do think it’s possible that one key position could be turning a team of potential heroes into zeros.