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jay glazor and la confora saying pioli will plead his case monday morning. I believe these guy’s over the other reports saying pioli is safe. lets hope so

  • By: Justin Unell

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Multiple reports on Sunday morning said Romeo Crennel is out as Chiefs head coach.
Both Jay Glazer from Fox Sports and Jason La Canfora from CBS Sports reported on NFL pregame shows Crennel will be fired on Monday. The day is known as "Black Monday," the day after the NFL regular season ends when NFL firings usually take place. The Chiefs end the regular season on Sunday at 3:25 p.m. in Denver. Kansas City currently has a 2-13 record, tied for worst in the NFL.
La Canfora also said "Andy Reid doesn’t fit in San Diego and could come to Kansas City." La Canfora reports Reid will be fired as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday. La Canfora also said the San Diego Chargers will fire Norv Turner as head coach on Monday.
La Canfora addressed Pioli’s future at the end of The NFL Today, listing him as a general manager on the "bubble."
"As we reported earlier, Pioli was sitting on a multiple year extension that he did not sign. There’s mounting fan pressure to make sweeping changes in that organization," La Canfora said.
Glazer from Fox Sports said Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli will go in on Monday and tell Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt "why he should not be out and why he’ll bring in the right head coach next time around."
NBC Sports, Yahoo! Sports and are reporting Crennel is out but Scott Pioli could be staying.
But there is one report that says Pioli could also be gone. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Sunday the Chiefs are leaning toward firing Pioli.
This would be Pioli’s third chance to hire a new head coach after Todd Haley and Crennel.
Stay with and 41 Action News for more updates on the futures of Crennel and Pioli.

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It’s so easy this year I don’t even have to wait for the game to be over

Offense SUCKED

Defense better then the offense but SUCKED

Coaching Don’t have the words to describe it Sucked can’t possibly describe how bad it is

miss anything?

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A buddy of mine that lives in Iowa city is saying that Kirk ferentz and the OC o’keefe are pioli’s front runners if pioli isn’t fired. Has anyone heard of this and thoughts???? Ferentz does have NFL experience but o’keefe can stay there as far as i am concerned.

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Chatter increases that Pioli could be back in Kansas City

Posted by Mike Florio on December 30, 2012, 9:01 AM EST

APThere’s a loose rule in NFL circles that a traditional General Manager gets to hire two coaches before the G.M. ends up on the hot seat. The Bears broke from that loose standard last year, firing G.M. Jerry Angelo before the only coach Angelo ever hired was let go.
The Chiefs could go the other way this time around, giving G.M. Scott Pioli a third chance to hire a new head coach.
The prevailing rumor in league circles is that first-year coach Romeo Crennel will be replaced, but that Pioli will remain. In 2009, Pioli hired Todd Haley to coach the team. Haley was fired during his third season on the job.
No one knows for sure what owner Clark Hunt will do. He was facing unrelenting pressure from fans and local media to clean house earlier this season. The Jovan Belcher tragedy caused much of the outcry to diminish.
If Hunt keeps Pioli, his mandate will be clear: Find a quarterback. With five Pro Bowlers on a two-win team, there’s no lack of talent at other positions in Kansas City. But Matt Cassel never has matched his performance in 2008, the year he replaced Tom Brady in New England, and it’s impossible to win in this league without someone who can move the chains by flinging the pig.
The bad news for the Chiefs and Pioli is that they’re a year late to earn a top-two pick. There’s no Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in 2013. Pioli’s best bet could be to take the best available athlete at the top of the draft, and then to make like Trent Baalke or John Schneider and find a franchise quarterback in round two or three.
If Hunt fires Pioli, the talk is that Bill Polian could become the new G.M. in Kansas City. Some suspect, however, that the Polian rumors trace to Polian himself.
Either way, a looming finish of 2-14 shows that changes are needed in Kansas City. The only question is how extensive they’ll be.

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:fishing: I watched the game for two reasons.

Second was to see the Nassib kid as he has been talked about as a possible pick for KC and i have not seen him play. Bitter rival , bad weather , national audience and all he didn’t do bad. Not good either. alot of drops by his wrs didn’t help either. I’d probably take him in the third , maybe late 2nd.

Taking all the above conditions plus the high expectations and Geno did not look the part of even a 1st rounder to me , ok maybe a late first. Passes high , low and behind alot today. Nerves ? Hates the cold ? who knows but i bet he drops some slots in the pre-drafts polls.

Remember the Chiefs do play outside and so do alot of other AFC teams in possible bad weather locales.

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