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"We the fans of The Kansas City Chiefs, on this 1st day of October 2012, have elected to voice our overwhelming discontent with the current Quarterback of our beloved NFL football team, Matt Cassel. We will not stand idly by as our team and city are disgraced by poor performance. Let this petition mark the beginning of a new era of professional athletics wherein the customer (us) elect the best man to represent not only our team but our city as well. Like our four fathers, we expect our actions to be met with controversy, and like our four fathers we will overcome it!"

I cant post the link but its on ipetitions dot com slash petitions slash fire-matt-cassel

I signed it, and I implore you all to do the same!

Instead of further humiliating yourselves this week posting on here about how none of this is Matt Cassel’s fault, he’s a super awesome solution at quarterback, and there’s no cause for alarm, etc., etc…

Perhaps some nice UFO, ghost hunter, conspiracy theory, or holocaust denial websites out there would benefit from your outstanding wit and keen insight.

If the fact that this team is a disaster and that Matt Cassel needs to go cannot bring Chiefs fans together then nothing can.

Anyone wanna put up a website? and put up at least a count down ticker for his contract’s expiration date?

:beat_DeadHorse: :beat_DeadHorse: :beat_DeadHorse: :beat_DeadHorse:

What FA QB or possible backup would you like the chiefs to try out. I say David Garrard he had some good seasons and got injured and hasnt really had a shot since…
Looks like I am going to be doing a lot more yard work on Sundays. I have not given up, just more given in. I love this team and always will, but the last couple of years it has not loved me back. So, I will listen to the Fox broadcasts, I will read this site, but no longer will I hang on this team to the point of madness I have been. I have realized that the Chiefs are who they are, a team that will never get it. I am not blaming the owner, the GM, the Coach, I don’t care who, it is what it is. But, having a game ruin my week is not worth it anymore. I live in the Show-Me state, and they are going to have to Show-Me. Lastly, Go Chiefs and lets hope they get it turned around.

It’s unfortunate, but not exactly unexpected.  The Chiefs came out and laid another egg today at Arrowhead Stadium.  Matt Cassel led the charge with 3 interceptions.

that’s my rant for the day….i miss kyle orton and what could have been if he was our qb..matt cassel is like beating a dead :beat_DeadHorse:
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