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Again, I love the Chiefs like everyone else but they suck. I don’t care who you point the finger at because we don’t have enough fingers…I was really pumped for this season but once again, we blow. I am glad they have an off week so my Sunday will not be as depressing. Here are my three:
1. New coach and GM and not Cowher..he had way too long in Pitt.

2. Two new QB’s, rookie and a
veteran who actually is a leader. Cassel couldn’t lead girl scouts.

3. New OC, Dabol really stinks….

And to all those who want to tell me to get lost because I’m being negative? How else are you going to act after all these years of mediocrity. Herm fell *** backwards into the playoffs and Cassel getting them into the playoffs was hysterical since they were beaten soundly against Baltimore in round one! The West has stunk for a while!!

The Eagles are in first place and have the stones to fire their dc. We have the talent coaches aren’t getting it done. Why are we such wimps come on one arrowhead shake things up we are one and five.
Not that I wanted Manning and the Broncos to win, but hey, the Chiefs are only 2 games out for the division championship!

After seeing Rivers whine on the sideline, I felt like I had to make a gif of it:

I listen a couple weeks ago on 610 Sports .. an interview with former DE Bill Mass .. he gave his toughts on current Chiefs situation.

One of the Interesting points was that Marty could come as a Consultor or even a GM (if Pioli gets fired)

What do you think about it?

Will this move help to bring Bill Cowher (I know he’s NOT lookin for a HC job but may be that move will make this look more easy to atracc Bill) or maybe any other "big name" on board ..

It seems to me the Chiefs are in a spot where it’s very unlikely that we’ll be able to salvage the season. If that’s the case, is it better to just let the season go, and go for a high ranking draft spot, or fight and scrap for every win we can get, and settle for where a 7-9, 8-8 or 6-10 draft position will put us?

If we go through a coaching/management change (which after the Bucs game is very likely), I’d rather play our backups and rookies and see what we’ve got on the benches, and then focus on getting a franchise QB. It would suck having to approach a game with a mindset of losing, though.

There’s a lot of blame being thrown around for the struggles of this team. It really all stems from a terrible offense, led by some atrocious quarterback play. I did some digging this morning into the first 6 games, and here is what I found.

  • The Chiefs Offense has 21 Turnovers in 6 games, and the opposition has scored 74 points off of these turnovers. That is 40% of the points the Chiefs have given up this year. These turnovers fall on the hands of the entire offense (tipped passes, fumbles, bad INTs)
  • The Chiefs offense has scored no touchdowns in the last two games.
  • The Chiefs offense has scored a first half touchdown in two games (ATL and Charles 31-yard run vs SD).
  • Aside from Jamaal Charles touchdown runs of 31 and 91 yards, the only offensive touchdowns since week 1 have come when the Chiefs are down by 3 or more scores.

This offense is terrible and constantly puts the defense in bad positions with a league high 21 turnovers. All of the rostered quarterbacks on this team are league backups (at best). The quarterback position not been addressed for far too long. We’ve had different coaches, different offensive personnel. The one constant has always been crappy quarterbacks.