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It’s the new "Suck for Luck."

Blow for Geno (Smith).

Star just reported that CBS was wrong, and there is no extension offer. Source: No contract extension for Chiefs’ Pioli –

I still want to have faith in Hunt. He understands business. I don’t believe he’s just in it to make more money and screw the chiefs and their fans. He made a bad decision, which at the time would have been hard to see, since SP looked like a great personnel guy. I think he’ll make some good decisions after this mess.

What happened to this philosophy the Daboll sold us when he came to town? We have the same garbage playcalling as when Muir was here. Is it that our receivers simply cannot get open since the first half of the Falcons game or has Romeos conservative approach been allowed to influence the OC?
Obviously it will have to be a coach that is very tough on the players. They just won’t play for a nice coach. They need someone riding them, to get them to play. They just don’t do it on their own.