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Kansas City Chiefs Mid-Season Report
By Callum Byrnes-Krickl
The 2012 season for the Kansas City Chiefs has been bitter, painful and disappointing, and has fans looking towards next year to the draft,in hoped of drafting a franchise quarterback. The only thing most Chiefs fans are hoping for this season is Clark Hunt cleaning house, General Manager Scott Pioli, Head Coach Romeo Crennel, everyone. Fans have flown banners, and demanded the firing of Scott Pioli, and are even planning to “Black Out” Arrowhead Stadium against the Cincinnati Bengals on November 18th, by encouraging fans to wear black clothing or apparel to the game, to signify the mourning of what was once a successful, respected and proud NFL franchise.In this piece I will give a Mid-Season review of all the key parts of the team, and how they have performed this season, and what role they have had; Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Rookies, Head Coach,Offensive/Defensive Coordinator, and lastly, General Manager.

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AP Sports Writer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) Brady Quinn had waited three years for another chance to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He wasn’t going to let a concussion put him back on the sideline.

That’s why the Chiefs quarterback admitted Wednesday to attempting to play through his second concussion of the season, which he believes happened when a defender’s knee struck the back of his helmet in a game against the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 28.

Quinn remembers having vision problems after the blow, but decided to remain in the game, even though he was dazed enough to put on the wrong helmet on the sideline between possessions

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Chiefs owner Clark Hunt reportedly met with Marty Schottenheimer

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -Chiefs fans are excitedly buzzing about whether team owner Clark Hunt is preparing to offer former coach Marty Schottenheimer the general manager position or get his help on reversing the team’s declining fortunes.
SiriusXM NFL Radio reported that Schottenheimer was at Arrowhead Stadium on Friday to meet with Hunt, who is in Kansas City. This set Chiefs fans on Twitter and Facebook afire.

The team flatly denies that Schottenheimer was at the practice facility today.

However, left unclear was whether Schottenheimer and Hunt met at a different location, met earlier this week or whether they have a meeting later this week.
General Manager Scott Pioli is under fire after the Chiefs 1-7 start and a disappointing four-year tenure in Kansas City after he left the New England Patriots.
Tell us what you think. Should the Chiefs bring back “Martyball” or hire Schottenheimer as a consultant? Go to KCTV5’s Facebook page.


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In the past week or so we have seen several changes in the organization. From cutting Routt and bringing back Smith to changing how the players warm up also promoting a full time DC, and now a rule if you turn the ball over you have to come out of the game.

I’ve heard many theories from Pioli is no longer in full control and RAC is finally being able to coach his way to this is Pioli trying to save his job.

Somehow this DC part strikes me as building in an excuse if/WHEN the Steelers throttle this team on MNF. Romeo claimed a perception of the way the offense views him as the reason for the change. I just have a hard time buying that because its a poor way to lead, though poor leadership seems to be the one thing we have down this year.

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