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People have said “bring back Marty or Cowher” and made numerous points about this, many well taken.I offer a 3rd alternative, that if you stop and think about, falls right into line with the requests that have been made for Marty and Cowher and here it is:Look up north to GB. Who is currently on the GB coaching staff that played under Cowher for many years and possesses Cowher’s very same mentality??Drum roll please…..


Think that is farfetched? Look down to Miami and how the Dolphins are getting things moving in the right direction under Joe Philbin.

All you can do is give a guy a chance. The same chance that Marty and Cowher got to be HC’s.

I really believe that Kevin Greene could very well be the next iteration of Marty, Cowher.

He would not tolerate the loser’s mentality that has plagued the Chiefs since 2007.

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Ok here we go guys!!! Lol who do the chiefs HAVE to get to make you happy at the qb position? Myself? Gino smith… Barkley looks like lianert/cassel. Landry jones looks like Alex smith(great team makes him good)… If Gino is half the talent rg3 is kc might be fun to watch again