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Ok here we go guys!!! Lol who do the chiefs HAVE to get to make you happy at the qb position? Myself? Gino smith… Barkley looks like lianert/cassel. Landry jones looks like Alex smith(great team makes him good)… If Gino is half the talent rg3 is kc might be fun to watch again
As many have noted on here I have been one of if not the most vocal defenders of the QBs on this team. Whether that be Cassel or Quinn I have defended them all season long. I can now point to an example as to why that’s the case.

Last night Alex Smith of the 49ers played OUTSTANDING. He only missed 1 pass the whole game. A few seasons ago Smith was in the same seat that Matt Cassel has been in over the course of his time in KC. But that’s changed a lot over the last 2 seasons. What happened. He got a good HEAD COACH.

This is not a team that is just lacking good play out of the QB. Our Wrs have not played to the level they can. Our O line hasn’t been great. Our guys are tipping passes to the defenders. Many talk about how the passes are not great. And the most common thing is overthrows. Well I can say I have watched many other NFL games. The same throws are being made by other QBs around the NFL. There guys have to go up and get the ball. NONE of them have tipped the ball to the defenders as often as our guys have. WHY Is that? We have some good WRS. Bowe is one of the most talented in the NFL. Baldwin has shown promise at times looked lost at others. They don’t suck. They are the victim of the same thing our QBs have been the victim of. HORRIBLE COACHING.

A good head coach and good coaching staff can go a long way for the players. We saw Matt Cassel play well with a great head coach in New England. He hasn’t had that in KC. And Cassel is not a great enough player to overcome poor coaching. He needs it.

This team is suffering from a lot of things. Poor Qb play is on that list. But the biggest thing they are suffering from is a BAD head coach and a bad coaching staff. Nothing is going to get better in KC until that changes. Many want a 1st pick to get a Great college QB. Well unless we get change in coaching that QB isn’t going to be able to do much better then what we see the current guys doing. Alex Smith shows just how far a good head coach can take a player. We haven’t seen that since Dick Vermil. It’s not in KC now. If the Chiefs are ever going to be a winner again they HAVE to find a real head coach. That’s where it starts. Get a real head coach and then work on the other problems but it starts with the coaching staff.

Derrick Johnson – I thought he played very well. Some great tackles for a loss. At least there are some players on this team still trying to win.

I thought Berry looked Better.