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By jap1

So I was talking with a friend and he brought up a trade idea. I wanted to run it by you guys to see what you think.

Trade Knile Davis to the Vikings for Cordarelle Patterson (WR).

The Vikings get a RB to replace AP. We get a WR to pair with Bowe (or to replace Bowe) to give our passing game that extra spark it needs to get over the hump.

Yes we lose our backup RB, but RBs can usually be found relatively easily in the mid rounds of the draft. JC has a few more good years on his tires.

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By Darin Gantt

When Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah picked off Tom Brady and returned it for a touchdown, he said a quick prayer. But unlike Tim Tebow doing the same thing when he got to the end zone, Abdullah was flagged. The Muslim safety said he made a promise to himself that he’d show his respect if he ever scored. “If I get…
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By Eydugstr…ames/20969882/

FCC votes to overturn blackout rules barring poorly-attended games from television

Sep 30th 2014 11:53AM

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to strike down hated sports blackouts.

FCC commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to repeal the rules that allowed sports leagues, mainly the NFL, to bar regions from watching their home teams on television if games did not sell out.

The decades-old statute barred sparsely attended games from being broadcast on networks such as ABC, CBS, Fox or NBC. It also stopped cable and satellite providers from showing the games in those markets.

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By matthewschiefs

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Originally Posted by matthewschiefs

A te don’t really understand that unless there not high on Moaki


Originally Posted by matthewschiefs

Have not loved these picks tonight but we shall see what happens Davis fumbles way to much

This is how stupid this guy is. These are his genius thoughts of Kelce and Davis

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By matthewschiefs

I have had many rants about this defense but Today I’m going to give them a tip of the cap to them. They didn’t let them get anything going even after a couple of turnovers and big returns today they didn’t fold there tents up and go home. So good game guys now build on this

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