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By Zac Jackson

The Eagles made it official Monday afternoon, announcing the hiring of Doug Pederson as the team’s new head coach. Pederson spent the last three seasons as the Chiefs offensive coordinator. He was the Eagles quarterbacks coach in 2011-12. The team decided on Pederson last week but had to wait for the Chiefs season to end…
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By jason1981

Heres the list from adam teicher on espn.

S*Husain Abdullah
OL*Jeff Allen
WR*Jason Avant
S*Eric Berry
S*Tyvon Branch
QB*Chase Daniel
DE*Mike DeVito
CB*Jamell Fleming
LB*Tamba Hali
DE*Jaye Howard
LB*Derrick Johnson
LB*Dezman Moses
CB*Sean Smith
OL*Donald Stephenson
LB*Frank Zombo

Looking at the list its prolly easier saying who i wouldnt bring back.

The ones i wouldnt is flemming, daniels, moses.

Im on the fence about is devito, avant, stephnson, abdullah and branch. Stephenson is still a good backup and with our track record could we find a better backup? Avant is a leader as you can see he was our best wr against the pats. He never gives up on a play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!!! Read more…

By Frankenchief

Evidently the Chiefs sideline experienced some headset problems yesterday. It’s probably nothing, but with the Pats and Belichick, who knows?!…land/78935620/
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By Frankenchief

… despite my Chiefs being in the AFC.

I’m sick and tired of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. One of them will be in the Super Bowl and if he wins I will puke my guts out. I just hope the Cards or the Panthers roll right over whoever it is.

Go Cam, Go Palmer.

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By matthewschiefs

First some things about yesterdays game.

Tough loss any playoff loss is. But their are some bright spots. First this was not a team that was just outclassed in talent. They played a VERY good team tough on the road. And still had some chances to win the game. People will and have said that the Chiefs just beat some bad teams sorry But I don’t agree. This year the NFL was more close then ever before. Never before had the term any given Sunday been so meaningful. Some examples the Rams swept the Seahawks, The Pats lost to the Read more…

By Kcman

I pray we get him sighned !!! Bc in this pass happy nfl were going to need him and petter great togther this year we also need to fin more deth at cb bc if one of them get hurt were in big trouble i rly hope dorsey finds a way to sighn sean smith he would be my most important sighning !!! Read more…

By Josh Alper

Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola was flagged for unnecessary roughness in the second quarter of Saturday’s 27-20 win over the Chiefs after he stepped out of the way of a punt and leveled Chiefs cornerback Jamell Fleming with a big block that saw him make contact with Fleming’s head. After the game, Fleming called it…
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