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By Bortnem

All beat writers had to give a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” on the team they covers draft this year. There were only 4 teams to give thumbs-down, and of course our own Adam Teicher was one of them. I swear, this guy must be a hidden Donkey fan because he never thinks the Chiefs are ever doing anything well enough. I would be very grateful if ESPN canned this moron and got us someone that didn’t constantly belittle all the great things the Chiefs are doing.

Here is a link to the article if anyone wants:

By brdempsey69

This pages has vids of the Chiefs selections.…s-draft-class/

These are highlights, of course, but I was impressed by Steven Nelson’s vid. He should make a huge impact as a guy covering the opponent’s slot receiver. Read more…

By texaschief

So far:


Tennessee-Martin OT Charles Sweeton
Pittsburgh TE-FB Manasseh Garner
Gardner-Webb WR Kenny Cook
Harding WR Donatella Luckett
Fordham TE Dan Light
Vanderbilt LS Andrew East

James Madison LB Sage Harold
Iowa State DL David Irving
Akron LB Justin March
Texas A&M Commerce DT Charles Tuaau
Pittsburg State CB DeVante Bausby


Read more…

By ctchiefsfan

Reactions to this pick have been all over the lot. I’ve seen everything from WTF to GREAT! As I’ve said before, I don’t really follow the college game but I’ve done a fair amount of reading about Peters and I like this pick. The downside on him is that he could be a real problem child and could draw a lot of penalties and create problems in the locker room. But I think–or maybe I should say hope–that the leaders and coaches we have on Defense should be able to make him understand that losing his Read more…

By jason1981

I dont know much about college players cuz i never watch college. So whos left that is any good or couldbe a steal for the chiefs? I wouldnt mind qb bryce petty cuz i dont think murray is more than just a back up at best. Qb Huntley is just athlete playing a qb spot so not thrilled with him.

What are the chiefs needs now?
Te depth after kelce and harris?
Another wr?
Inside LB?
Safety depth?
DE starter/depth? Would like a 3-4 end stout against the run and has good push rusher skills. Alen bailey is good at kne Read more…

By NickheadKCAU

now, i dont have a lot of data on this but i will use justin houston as an example.

hell, i dont even recall why he had ‘character issues’, but look what hes done in the league.

he would have been a first rounder but..

my point is this:

not that this is true but:

its almost like nfl owners salivate at high value players that make mistakes.

maybe this is a reason collins is being selective as to how he is marketed while being innocent until proven guilty.

then again, winston has more issues than most and he went first.

(i will predict that winston will fail Read more…

By slc chief

I like the fact we are loading up the secondary with scrappy fighting rookies give the chiefs some attitude on defense. I think nelson possibly gets moved to safety peters and smith starting outside and of course our all pro edge rushers with poe and dj to top it all off. go chiefs Read more…

By NickheadKCAU

based solely on height, this is the bpa at wr…

every name that has recognition in the draft is gone.

its time for project status.

he could be used as wr and te. Read more…

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