Though this would be a fun thread to start and what ideas everyone had.

Defensive line i say keep them all except Dorsey( think he’s gone anyway). I know they had problems this year but alot of them are young.

The starting linebackers are good to go , like to see them add a bruisin run stopper at mlb. backups can go.

Flowers , Berry , Lewis(give him 1 more year) and Arenas as the nickle I’m good with. Gotta find another corner though.

The offense is a mess but better coaching & play calling will help more than we know.
Charles , Draughns and Gray i really like , might keep Eachus but hillis should be cut Monday imho.

Wr needs help bad. Bowe may/may not be gone , Baldwin is a bust , know idea like everyone else whats
up w/ Breaston , Copper good for special teams and makes the occasional play on O so keep for me. McClusters falls when the wind blows , the others meh.
Moeoki injury prone but good when healthy so he’s a big ? , need more help there too.

The O-line idk. look good 1 game , bad the next , even play to play that way. Believe the injury to Hudson hurt alot. Draft another C/G and keep in tact. Except for Stephenson they need better backups.

Best for last because its the easiest one. The QB position. Get three new ones. I hope they bring 5-6 to camp , start intense competition from the get go , keep the best 3 for preseason , let them fight it out evenly till last one and pick a starter. Nuff said.

what say you Chiefscorwd ? Like to hear everyone’s opinion whether you agree or disagree w/ what i’ve said. Might as well break it down cause its gonna be a long off season.
I just hope the bass are big and biting alot this spring and summer , thats if i have the money to go after the fiscal cliff and obama care kick my finances hard in the arse.

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