1. The playcalling – I was glad to see the OC stick to the running game late in the game, even though we were down. This is what I was asking for last week. The big runs by Charles worked because the defense was getting worn down.

2. The defense in the 2nd half. Both the pass defense and run defense was outstanding in the 2nd half (I couldnt watch the 1st half). The only 2 2nd half scores that NO got were after turnovers and with a short field. The run was getting stuffed up the middle by the DL, and the DL was also occasionally giving a pass rush. Id like to see more frequent pressure on the QB, though.

3. Good job by the OL, even with Hudson out. The line was doing a decent job in both pass and run protection. Not great, but decent.

4. Arena is getting close to breaking some punt returns. All around the special teams looked better.


1. Inability to SCORE in the redzone. We need to get more TDs and less FGs.

2. Either WRs werent getting open or Cassel couldnt find them. Without looking downfield it is hard to tell.

3. Bowe had another easy drop that could have been critical. We were able to overcome it, but that deep pass should have been caught.

4. Judging from what Mccluster’s injury looked like, he is probably out 6-8 weeks minimum.


1. Jeff Allen played well as Guard.

2. Hillis was missed. Im hoping he just pulled a muscle and will be back this week.

3. Baldwin is making more of a presence in the passing game. I hope it continues.

4. Lilja did a great job at C. Hudson’s loss was not as noticeable.

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