:fishing: I wanted the Chiefs to do this last year. Washington did and KC didn’t. Not saying it would of worked out like in dc but i digress.

I’m really hoping they do grab 2 , preferably from the top 5-6 qbs. As of this moment i’d like them to draft Murray(if he comes out) , Wilson , Glennon , Smith. The order could and probably will change some after all the bowls , workouts , interviews and the combine.

But what about late round qbs ? I’m not one of those that think they can grab gold anywhere but i believe those types can become solid & dependable. Bradys’ do not come around all that often. Was just thinking maybe someone to take Stanzi’s place and that has a legit shot to be a #2 maybe this year or in a year or two.

AJ McCarron from Bama would be one and Tettleton from Ohio. I saw Tettleton 2 games last year and for about 9 to 10 quarters this year(before the bowl game today) and you gotta like what you see. I keep hearing the kid from Arkansas St is really good , too. Not seen any games they’ve played, maybe someone here has.

There has got to be several more that might work out. To me its a no brainer , they cannot keep the qbs on the roster they have now , apparently Stanzi is so bad they won’t even let him play in the last game so for me he’s gone. If they do pick up a second qb and they do not work they can pickup another next year. ‘sposed to be doin that every year anyway according to the lame duck GM.

Anybody got ideas on others that might work out in this scenario ?

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