:fishing: For those who watched the all star games Saturday what players intrigued or made some kind of impression on you ?

D. Taylor the DE from S Carolina was tearing it up , they almost could not block that kid.
AJ Klien the Iowa St LB was in the right place alot and made some good plays. Lotta tackles at the line of scrimmage.
I really like the versitilty of Army’s qb/rb/te/long snapper T Steelman. Kid’s a ball player.
The only qb’s i saw that i liked were M Scott from AZ , C Cameron from LaTech and J Rogers from Vany , Aaron’s little brother. I think all these would be worth a late round pick.

Know idea where any of these will go in the draft if drafted at all , they were the ones that stood out in the parts of the games i got to see.


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